Group lobbies Ryan for health care reform

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
— A political group delivered the names of 2,929 constituents of Rep. Paul Ryan to Ryan’s Janesville constituent-service office on Tuesday.

All the names were in favor of health-care reform that is affordable and “as good as what is provided to members of Congress.”

The group, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, said the number of names demonstrates “widespread support for enacting strong health care reform this year, including a strong public health-insurance option.”

Citizen Action said it has delivered similar messages to other members of Congress, including Tammy Baldwin, D-2nd District.

Ryan, R-1st District, issued a statement in response to the petitions, saying he, too, wants meaningful health-care reform.

“I believe we can fix what’s broken in health care without breaking what’s working,” Ryan wrote. “We can ensure universal access to health coverage in America without the federal government taking it over, without trillions in new taxes, spending, and debt. I have proposed a fiscally-responsible, patient-centered alternative—H.R. 2520, The Patients’ Choice Act—that does just that.”

Citizen Action has criticized Ryan’s plan, saying it would not make health care affordable or guarantee high-quality coverage, that it would harm low-income children and senior citizens and that it puts insurance company profits ahead of the public welfare.

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