Delavan City Council to discuss Salitros' future

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009
— The Delavan City Council plans to go into closed session next month to discuss city Administrator Joe Salitros' future with the city.

That decision came as the council Tuesday voted to table an item on the agenda to extend Salitros' contract. His contract is set to expire when he retires in January, but Salitros has said he is willing to keep working after that time.

Council members Dave Kilkenny and John Finley have pushed for Salitros' retirement, citing performance issues. The two placed an item on a July agenda seeking a search for a new administrator. The motion was tabled.

Tuesday's agenda included an amendment that would have extended Salitros' contract one year. Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis introduced the amendment.

Kilkenny and Finley on Tuesday tried to vote down the extension as soon as it was introduced.

After a discussion, the council unanimously agreed to table the matter and take it up in closed session on or before the council's next regular meeting Nov. 10.

Attorney Mark Vetter of Waukesha will join the council in the closed-session meeting.

The meeting will give new council members a chance to get up to speed on discussions held before last November's election, Kilkenny said.

Council member Bruce DeWitt, who was appointed in August, spoke in favor of such a delay as well as in favor of Salitros' performance. He described Salitros as intelligent and experienced.

"I understand there are some skeletons in the closet," DeWitt said. "I'd like to see what they are. I have a hard time deciding right now, tonight."

Neither Kilkenny nor Finley would share specifics about why they don't want to let Salitros' keep working in the city.

"Suffice it to say there are differences of opinion," Kilkenny said.

Salitros' current contract started in July and ends in January.

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