Tobacco sales compliance check

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Steve Benton
Monday, October 12, 2009
— Beloit police issued four citations recently after checking 36 businesses in the city to see if they would sell tobacco products to minors. The four businesses that sold were the Clark station at 963 Broad St., CVS Pharmacy at 2149 Prairie Ave., Dewey's East Side Mobile at 2212 Prairie Ave., and Dave's Portland PX at 609 Portland Ave. Beloit police Capt. Tom Dunkin says each fine totals $303.00 including court costs.

Director of Rock County Youth2Youth, Debbie Fischer says she's disappointed the clerks in those stores decided to sell to the minors that requested tobacco products. All of the minors that helped police in the operation were either 15 or 16 years old.

By law, clerks are supposed to "card" anyone looking 27 or younger. Fischer says it's up to the store owners to make sure their employees are trained on Wisconsin laws on tobacco sales. Retailers can find information online at www.wisconsinwins.com.

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