Rock County deputy suspended for criminal behavior

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Ted Sullivan
Friday, October 2, 2009
— A Rock County sheriffs’ deputy charged with disorderly conduct stemming from a domestic dispute at his home is expected to return to duty in November after serving a 20-day unpaid suspension.

Mike Stalker, 43, of 4316 N. County N, Milton, and formerly of 5320 N. Sable Court, Milton, will have the charge dismissed if he completes a domestic violence intervention program, according to Rock County Court records.

“He indicated that he recognizes his conduct was unacceptable,” Rock County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Barbara Tillman said. “He’s going through a difficult time personally, and he’s working with his family and other service providers to better cope with the situation and control his emotions.”

According to the criminal complaint:

Stalker was angry and began verbally abusing a woman at 10 a.m. June 27 in his home. He cussed at the woman and called her numerous derogatory names.

The woman claimed Stalker told her he should put a bullet in her head, but Stalker claimed he told her to put a bullet in her own head.

When the woman tried to leave, Stalker blocked the door and kept her from leaving.

The woman left through a different door, but Stalker blocked her car door to keep her from driving away.

The woman went into the garage and called 911, but Stalker threw the phone down the basement steps.

The woman eventually ran out of the garage and got into her car, locking the door. As the woman backed away, Stalker broke the antennae off her car.

The Rock County District Attorney’s Office asked the Dane County District Attorney’s Office to review the reports from the incident and make a decision whether to charge Stalker.

Stalker was charged with disorderly conduct, and he entered a plea agreement to have the case dismissed if he completes the intervention program, according to court records.

If Stalker fails to complete the program, he could be referred to the district attorney’s office for prosecution on the disorderly conduct charge.

The sheriff’s office also entered a “last chance agreement” with Stalker because his behavior broke the office’s policy, Tillman said.

Stalker will be fired if he’s involved in misconduct in the next 18 months, she said.

“The sheriff’s office takes this kind of incident very seriously,” Tillman said.

Stalker has been on administrative leave with pay or using his benefit time with pay since his arrest, she said.

He has been with the sheriff’s office for 11 years, and he has received 26 commendations, Tillman said. He has never been formally disciplined.

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