Ferrell earns regional title

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Gazette staff
Thursday, October 1, 2009
— Edgerton High School senior Allyssa Ferrell fired a par 36-36—72 for medalist honors in the WIAA Division 2 girls regional golf tournament hosted by Madison Edgewood on Tuesday at Yahara Hills.

Eight-time state champion Madison Edgewood posted a 313 to win the regional title. Edgerton shot a 371 to finish second and advance with Edgewood, McFarland (383) and Lancaster (385) to the Wisconsin Dells Sectional at Trapper’s Turn next Wednesday.

Ferrell shot a 79 to win the sectional title at Trapper’s Turn last season.

Edgewood’s Meghan Martine carded a 4-over 76 (39-37) to finish four strokes behind Ferrell in this year’s regional. C.J. Enriquez of Janesville had a 40-38—78 for the Crusaders.

In taking her first step toward a fourth straight trip to the state tournament, Ferrell marked nine straight pars to open the round. She had a bogey at No. 12, but finished the round with a birdie on 18.

Ferrell played steadily throughout the regional.

“It was fairways and greens most of the way,” Edgerton coach Steve Zartman said. “She had a three-putt for the bogey at No. 12, but she got right back on track.’’

Zartman said Ferrell is on top of her game.

“Right now, her ball-striking is dead on,” Zartman said of the Michigan State University recruit. “If her putter gets hot, look out! She’ll will put up some low numbers. Trust me.’’

Playing unattached at state, Ferrell finished fourth (74-80—154) in Division 2 last season. She was third in Division 1 as a sophomore (74-78—152) and as a freshman (77-77—154).

WIAA Regionals

Division 1


At Brighton Dale Links


Waukesha South/North/West 368, Kettle Moraine 368, Waukesha Memorial 382, Mukwonago 395, Wilmot 410, Burlington 411, Westosha Central 429, Waterford 482.


Isabella Lambert (Waukesha Memorial), 80; Emily Joers (Waukesha SNW), 82; April Ohlendorf (Kettle Moraine), 84.


Waukesha SNW (368)—Emily Joers, 39-43—82; Brani Rajala, 47-40—87; Morgan Abraham, 50-48—98; Hannah Ockelmann, 52-49—101.

Kettle Moraine (368)—April Ohlendorf, 42-42—84; Anna Vollbrecht, 49-46—95; Leighann Cabush, 49-46—95; Katie McCann, 51-51—102.

Waukesha Memorial (382)—Isabella Lambert, 44-36—80; Lauren Seubert, 44-43—87; Maddie Quartaro, 55-55—110; Ava Olson, 56-49—105.

Mukwonago (395)—Kelsey Fritts, 47-48—95; Katie Christiansen, 51-45—96; Jordan Nichols, 49-50—99; Sam Lyons, 58-49—107.

Wilmot Union (410)—Kailee Wahler, 46-50—96; Brittany Rogness, 55-48—103; Krystal Cooke, 52-52—104; Afton Swartz, 55-52—107.

Burlington (411)—Casie Hewitt, 49-50—99; Brianna Sewell, 51-50—101; Lexi Seitz, 54-50—104; Brianna Frey, 54-53—107.

Westosha Central (429)—Stephanie Battles, 50-54—104; Sara Sattersten, 54-53—107; Alex Noonan, 60-49—109; Courtney Kempf, 56-53—109.

Waterford (482)—Samantha Biel, 48-48—96; Emma Wishau, 61-62—123; Jennifer Parker, 70-57—127; Megan Jutzonka, 68-68—136.

n Waukesha South/North/West, Kettle Moraine, Waukesha Memorial, Mukwonago, Wilmot’s Kailee Wahler, Burlington’s Casie Hewitt and Brianna Sewell, and Waterford’s Samantha Biel qualify for the Mukwonago Sectional on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at Rainbow Springs.

Division 2


At Yahara Hills G.C. (par 72)


Madison Edgewood 313, Edgerton 371, McFarland 383, Lancaster 385, Darlington/Cuba City 386, Wisconsin Dells 476, Beloit Turner 492, Prairie du Chien 497, Southwestern 525.


Allyssa Ferrell (Edgerton), 72; Meghan Martine (Edgewood), 76; C.J. Enriquez (Edgewood), 78; Annie Culver (McFarland), 78; Doyle O’Brien (Edgewood), 79.


Madison Edgewood (313)—Meghan Martine, 39-37—76; C.J. Enriquez, 40-38—78; Doyle O’Brien, 37-42—79; Claire Reichenbacher, 44-36—80.

Edgerton (371)—Allyssa Ferrell, 36-36—72; Brooke Ferrell, 45-41—86; Emma Stolen, 50-49—99; Brianne Lintvedt, 57-57—114.

McFarland (383)—Annie Culver, 39-39—78; Karin Hansen, 46-47—93; Ali Burke, 56-49—105; Halle Siebert, 54-53—107.

Lancaster (385)—Shannon Farrey, 44-39—83; Danielle Hentrich, 50-49—99; Mallory Miles, 49-51—100; Leslie Larsen, 53-50—103.

Darlington/Cuba City (386)—Ali McCauley, 39-42-81; Nellie Black, 45-43—88; Shelby Poss, 54-54—108; Naomi Black, 57-52—109.

Wisconsin Dells (476)—Becca Hand, 60-52—112; Tama Estebo, 57-64—121; Dana Marshall, 64-57—121; Samantha Mueller, 63-59—122.

Beloit Turner (492)—Kate Engler, 50-53—103; Liane Mills, 50-54—104; Hannah Griinke, 71-71—142; Zoe Lengjak, 77-66—143.

Prairie du Chien (497)—Miranda Ames, 60-62—122; Cierra Steiner, 63-59—122; Paige Stovey, 63-65—128; Mollee Whyte, 73-66—139.

Southwestern (525)—Sephanie Appleby, 60-49—109; Miranda Timmerman, 57-63—120; Nicole Brotzman, 66-68—134. Joan Doe, 81-81—162.

n Edgewood, Edgerton, McFarland, Lancaster, Darlington/Cuba’s Ali McCauley and Nellie Black, and Beloit Turner’s Kate Engler and Liane Mills qualify for the Wisconsin Dells Sectional on Wednesday, Oct. 7, at Trapper’s Turn.


At Windwood of Watertown


Denmark 380, Racine Prairie 388, Milwaukee Thomas More 406, Racine St. Catherine’s 440, East Troy 449, Lakeside Lutheran 471, Whitewater 504, Heritage Christian 648.


Renee Christense (Denmark), 88; Claudia Rhein (Racine Prairie), 89; Nikki Isaacson, 93; Kirsten Maki (Racine Prairie), 93.


Denmark (380)—Renee Christensen, 43-45—88; Melissa Heraly, 50-47—97; Shannon Carney, 49-48—97; Amanda Tilot, 47-51—98.

Racine Prairie (388)—Claudia Rhein, 43-46—89; Nikki Isaacson, 45-48—93; Kirsten Maki, 45-48—93; Kyra Shiele, 57-56—113.

Thomas More (406)—Cassie Kujawa, 47-46—93; Liesel Hannes, 53-49—102; Lara Sieeby, 52-48—100; Amy Michelfelder, 55-56—111.

St. Catherine’s (440)—Lexy Zimmerman, 48-53—101; Mackenzie Chafee, 50-52—102;

Natalie Chiesen, 56-58—114; Katie Dickert, 60-63—123.

East Troy (449)—Miranda Dunn, 52-53—105; Megan Fatta, 54-55—109; Sammy Javorek, 54-59—113; Kayla Woyak, 63-59—122.

Lakeside (471)— Amy Greiling, 53-55—108; Bryanna Roeder, 58-58—116; Mikaela Vomhof, 70-57—127; Sierra Tackett, 67-70—136.

Whitewater (504)—Taylor Schaub, 58-54—112; Brin Murray, 63-57—120; Kristyn Kachel, 69-67—136; Madeline Walton, 73-63—136.

Heritage Christian (648)—NA.

n Denmark, Racine Prairie, Thomas More, St. Catherine’s, East Troy’s Miranda Dunn and Megan Fatta, Lakeside’s Amy Greiling and Whitewater’s Taylor Schaub qualify for the Denmark Sectional on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at Wander Springs.

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