Janesville man bags rare white buck

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Saturday, November 28, 2009
— Josh Heussner has hunted with his father, Terry, ever since he was 12, but the 33-year-old Janesville man had never set his sights on anything like this.

It was near the end of opening day when a white deer appeared in a field just south of Whitewater.

“I had to look several times in my scope to believe what I was seeing. A white deer, no way! He walked right at me, and when the buck was about 150 yards out, he turned broadside and stopped looking away from me,” Heussner wrote in an e-mail to Clinton taxidermist Chad Nelson. “Not missing the opportunity, I took aim and pulled the trigger.”

Then he had to wait. The six-point buck took off, and by that time, the hunting day had ended, and shooting was no longer allowed. The Huessners had to wait till the next morning to track it down.

They found it, not far away. It was 99.9 percent white, but the eyes were brown, so it wasn’t an albino, Heussner said.

Heussner has Nelson mounting the rare deer. Nelson said he has put out the word among taxidermists, who tell him that a white deer is rare, with only a few taken each year in Wisconsin.

“Everybody I talk to says you hardly ever see them, and you hardly ever get a chance to shoot them if you do see them,” Heussner said.

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