Craig to try new recycling program

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
— The Janesville School Board unanimously approved a new recycling program for Craig High School on Tuesday that might eventually serve as a model for the entire school district.

Craig students Lindsey Erdmann and Megan Muhs appeared before the board for a second time to press their case for the environmental as well as financial savings they believe the program could produce.

Craig has recycling now, but it doesn’t work very well, with recyclables often thrown out with the trash, the students and Principal Mike Kuehne said.

The students proposed changing the arrangement with the trash-collecting company so all recyclables would be thrown into one container rather than many—a so-called single-stream system.

The result would be a reduction in trash and an increase in recyclables collected, the girls said. They estimated that could save Craig $36 a month, because the company charges less for hauling away recyclables than it does for trash.

The trash hauler, Veolia Environmental Services, has agreed to the plan, they said.

The girls propose to run the program at Craig through the end of the school year, and if it shows promise, that it be used district-wide next fall.

Board members seemed enthusiastic, and Kevin Murray asked for a report on the district’s current recycling policies and procedures, if any.

The students plan to work with the Sierra Club and other student organizations to educate students and staff about the new system.

In other business, the board took no action on a student fund-raising issue.

Board President DuWayne Severson had demanded a report on an incident he had heard about, in which a student or students felt they were singled out for not participating in a fund-raiser.

The administration delivered a report about how schools handle fund-raisers, but little was said about the specific incident.

Steve Sperry, director of administrative and human services, said he would review district procedures with principals and ensure that parents know students are allowed to opt out of any fund-raising effort.

Severson asked that that the administration consider changes to its policies and regulations and report to the board in January.

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