City lists streets to be repaired in 2010

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Gazette staff
Sunday, November 15, 2009
— The city will tackle 38 street projects costing about $2 million in 2010.

The projects were chosen after the city engineering division evaluated all 345 miles of city streets to update the city’s pavement rating records and examine possible changes to the five-year street rehabilitation plan.

The 2010 street rehabilitation list is:

-- Alley from 200-300 block of Pine Street to 200-300 block of Palm Street.

-- Atwood Avenue from Milwaukee Street to Court Street.

-- Alden Road from Tripoli Road to Norwood Road.

-- Barberry Drive from Kennedy Road to Plainfield Avenue.

-- Burr Oak Court from Garfield Avenue to Logan Street.

-- Carrington Street from Garfield Avenue to Logan Street.

-- Carrington Street from Main Street to Garfield Avenue.

-- Chadswyck Drive from Wuthering Hills Drive to 150 feet of Lyndhurst Drive.

-- Chickasaw Drive from Lexington Drive to Cherokee Road.

-- Clark Street from Blackhawk Street to Fremont Street.

-- Cornelia Street from Hyatt Street to Benton Avenue.

-- Crosby Avenue from Mineral Point Avenue to Highland Avenue.

-- Dakota Drive from Pontiac Drive to cul-de-sac.

-- Edge Hill Drive from Parkside Drive to Golf Course Road.

-- Fremont Street from Sherman Avenue to Creston Park Drive.

-- Garfield Avenue from Jackman Street to Racine Street.

-- Grant Avenue from Court Street to railroad tracks south.

-- Harmony Drive from Newman Street to Roxbury Road.

-- Holmes Street from High Street to Academy Street.

-- Johnson Street from Pearl Street to Palm Street.

-- Kennedy Road from Highway 14 to 1,650 feet of Highway 14.

-- Madison Street from Court Street to Laurel Avenue.

-- McKinley Street from Pearl Street to Pine Street.

-- Orchard Street from Court Street to railroad tracks south.

-- Palm Street from Court Street to McKinley Street.

-- Plainfield Avenue from Woodlane Drive to Kennedy Road.

-- Randolph Road from Edon Drive to Savanna Drive.

-- Rockport Road from Center Avenue to Lincoln Street.

-- Rockport Road from Crosby Avenue to 1,300 feet of Crosby Avenue.

-- Sutherland Avenue from Memorial Drive to Benton Avenue.

-- Terrace Street from Lapham Street to Menard Street.

-- Valley Drive from Royal Road to Canterbury Lane.

-- Van Buren Street from Main Street to Parker Drive.

-- Van Buren Street from Ringold Street to Fremont Street.

-- Vista Avenue from Fremont Street to Randall Avenue.

-- Wall Street from Madison Street to Washington Street.

-- Wall Street from Washington Street to Terrace Street.

-- Wilson Avenue from Chestnut Street to Park Street.

For more information, call Dennis Ryan at (608) 755-3171.

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