Lake Geneva City Council member faces recall

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Kayla Bunge
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
— The city council could lose one of its most vocal members if voters remove Alderman Tom Spellman from office in a recall election Tuesday, Dec. 15.

City Clerk Diana Dykstra late Monday afternoon certified the petitions to recall Spellman and Alderwoman Penny Roehrer, but only the petition to recall Spellman had enough valid signatures.

Bea Dale, a former mayor leading the recall effort, on Oct. 26 turned in a petition with 191 signatures, 44 more than the 147 required to recall Spellman; the city clerk determined 186 signatures were valid.

Dale on Monday turned in a petition with 107 signatures, the number required to recall Roehrer; the city clerk determined only 93 signatures were valid because several of the signatures came from residents in the neighboring district.

Dale never turned in papers to recall Alderman Spyro “Speedo” Condos because volunteers had trouble getting residents of the First District to sign the petition. She said people felt “intimidated” and were afraid of repercussions if they signed it.

Dale in an e-mail to the Gazette on Monday night said she is “pleased” the recall of Spellman is going forward but “disappointed” the recall of Roehrer is not.

She said volunteers had trouble getting residents in the Second District and Third District to sign the petition because some people felt a recall election would be close to the spring election and preferred to wait.

The effort to recall the council members started after Condos was appointed to fill the seat formerly held by Gary Dunham, who resigned in early August. Many residents asked for a special election to fill the vacant seat. Many others suggested the city council choose Condos to fill the position.

Condos was appointed to the city council in late August.

Dykstra said residents in the Third District now may file paperwork to become candidates on the recall election ballot. Spellman also will be on the ballot. Paperwork is available in the city clerk’s office and is due in about two weeks, she said.

Dale and others sought to recall Spellman and Roehrer because, according to the paperwork filed with the city in September, they do not vote according to the wishes of their constituents. They wanted to recall Condos because, according to the paperwork, he asked the city council to ignore the wishes of residents who wanted a special election to fill the vacant seat he now fills.

The council members previously told the Gazette the allegations are baseless.

Spellman said it is “interesting” to see who signed the petition to recall him. Only about 55 regular voters signed it, he said.

“I guess it’s the non-voters in the district who want to see if the voters in the district still support me,” he said.

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