Virtual business teams

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Steve Benton
Monday, November 2, 2009
— About 30 students at U.W. Whitewater are getting a special education in global business.

Professor Andy Ciganek says they're part of a series of "virtual teams" from all over the world dealing with many of the problems global businesses face. The project involves a total of 730 students at 15 universities from the U.S. and abroad.

The teams were given a hypothetical problem to work out, but they'll be dealing with real world problems as they find a solution. Ciganek says some of the problems the students are facing include time and distance, language, and culture. Ciganek says as the students work around these issues, they're preparing themselves for business careers after graduation.

In addition to U.W. Whitewater, participating universities in the U.S. are from Pennsylvania, Missouri and Washington. Universities in Spain, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Switzerland, and Singapore are also participating.

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