Concerns about crowds at Corvina's

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Beth Wheelock
Monday, May 18, 2009

A tavern in downtown Janesville is proving so popular, the bar was recently exceeding its capacity limit.

Corvina's bar manager TK Jonen says they keep strict head counts now, with patrons waiting in lines outside until there's enough room inside.

But the long lines have also created problems, according to Deputy Police Chief Steve Kopp. He says a traffic accident occurred near the bar recently, and police had to work crowd control. The two vehicles involved in the accident left the scene before police could get to them.

Overcrowding can also create a safety hazard. If Corvina's, or any tavern, is packed full of people someone could be injured trying to escape out of the building, according to Gale Price, Manager of Building and Development Services for the city. The owners of Corvina's are working with Price to increase the capacity limit to 130, instead of the current 99 capacity.

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