UPDATED with map - Precautionary water boil order for Janesville's East side.

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Beth Wheelock
Friday, May 8, 2009

From the City of Janesville:

During routine water supply testing, the City of Janesville detected Fecal Coliform/E. Coli bacteria in the north pressure zone east of the Rock River that supplies water to the area east of Randall Avenue; and north of Mt. Zion Avenue and Black Bridge Road. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has required the City of Janesville to issue a Precautionary Boil/Bottle Water Advisory for this part of the City. Click here for a map of the affected area.
Ice, food, and any beverages prepared with this unsafe water must be discarded. You should boil or use commercially bottled water for drinking, food preparation, and making ice. If you boil water, the water should be heated to a rolling boil for at least ONE minute before use. Ice should be made from boiled or bottled water. A fact sheet regarding this precautionary boil/bottle water advisory can be found here.

The Water Utility has already begun work to remedy this situation by increasing chlorine in distribution water; flushing water mains; and taking follow-up bacteria tests. The Water Utility will inform the public once the water supply testing shows that Fecal Coliform/E. Coli bacteria is no longer present.

Questions regarding this precautionary boil/bottle water advisory should be directed to the Janesville Water Utility at 755-3115; Tim Banwell of the Rock County Health Department at 757-5441; or Stephen Ales, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources at 608-275-3311.

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