Rock County Board could reverse close decision

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Beth Wheelock
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A close vote in 2006 could be reversed by the Rock County Board Thursday.

County Board Chair Russ Podzilni says the board will consider whether to keep the coroner's office, instead of going ahead as scheduled with a medical examiner system in January 2011. Podzilni says at the time of the 2006 vote, the coroner was recently dismissed from office. He says the County had to wait for an appointed coroner from the governor, and in the meantime receive coroner services from Madison and Walworth County. Podzilni would like to go ahead with the medical examiner system and give it a chance.

But County Supervisor Larry Wiedenfeld is among those who feel there is nothing wrong with the coroner's position. He says one individual had problems carrying out their responsibilities, but that doesn't contaminate past or future persons occupying the coroner's office.

Current Rock County Coroner Jenifer Keach admitted to a county committee in 2006 that she destroyed prescription drugs from death scenes at her own home. Keach subsequently provided an updated police policy for drug disposal at death scenes.

A previous coroner, Karen Gilbertson, was charged with using and distributing drugs from death scenes.

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