‘Pop, pop, pop’: Look West man recalls shooting incident

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Ted Sullivan
Saturday, March 21, 2009
— Frank Taormino was with his family watching “The Biggest Loser” when he heard gunshots.

“Pop, pop, pop,” he said. “I ran out there right away and saw a few vehicles taking off.”

Two bullets pierced Taormino’s house. They could have hit his fiancée and his 8-year-old child in the head, but they didn’t go through the wall.

“Everyone was pretty shook up,” he said.

In all, five bullets pierced two houses and a parked vehicle at 9:39 p.m. Thursday in the 1100 and 1200 blocks of Ravine Street.

Police have made no arrests, Lt. Tim Hiers said, and the shooting remains under investigation.

Taormino, 28, of 1120 Ravine St., said the Look West Neighborhood is safe, but he has been noticing drug-related behavior recently.

He said he has heard about a possible drug deal on the street. He has seen people shuffling in and out of certain homes. He believes the shooting was a drug deal gone bad.

Police also speculate the incident was drug-related. An officer stopped a vehicle a few blocks away from the shooting and arrested a person for marijuana possession.

Investigators found two bullet holes in Taormino’s house, two more in a vacant house and another in a parked vehicle, according to police.

The houses and car were not the targets.

Two groups of people were standing around when shots were fired. Police recovered bullet fragments.

After the shooting, Taormino moved his fiancée and five children into the basement for cover. Their house was covered in crime tape. They later discussed the possibility of moving.

But people in the neighborhood are like family, Taormino said. Everyone talks, he said, and they checked on one another after the shooting.

“I don’t expect that kind of stuff to happen in my neighborhood,” Taormino said.

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