Horse play: Janesville Mustangs seek spot in 8-man football league

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John McPoland
Friday, March 20, 2009

Like the U.S. Marines, Topher Diehl is looking for a few good men.

Diehl, 23, is trying to launch the Janesville Mustangs as an expansion franchise in the Wisconsin-based Gridiron Football League, a 10-team organization that plays full-contact, eight-man football.

At Wednesday night’s league meeting, the Mustangs were granted associate member status in the league instead of full-fledged membership. The GFL already has 10 teams and a complete 2009 schedule. Should one of the 10 teams have trouble filling its roster and fold, the Mustangs will be added to the 2009 schedule.

Diehl is now trying to schedule games for his team and build an official team Web site.

“All of the owners were receptive to us and said ‘Hey, we want you in.’ We’ve got a very good shot at one of the other teams falling out,” Diehl said.

“I’m looking for people who are determined that they want to have fun, but want to win,” Diehl said. “I want somebody who wants to play the game and play it hard. That’s what I’m looking for.”

The GFL season runs from June through the first week in September. Each team plays five home games and five away games. The league will also have postseason playoffs and an all-star game.

If the Mustangs can attract enough players—Diehl says he needs at least 25 for a full roster—they will play their games at Monterey Field behind Wilson Elementary School. Seventeen players have already signed up. The league requires teams to have a minimum of 18 players.

For now, Diehl is relying on word of mouth to attract potential players.

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