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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Most basketball “Players of the Years” earn the honor with their offensive skills.

Elkhorn High senior Eric Bryson is an exception, at least in rival coach Bob Beighton’s mind.

“Bryson is the best defender I’ve seen in 10 years,” the Delavan-Darien High School coach said. “The kid he reminds me most of is Tommy Becker (a Delavan-Darien graduate). He has that kind of intensity and is that kind of a competitor.

“That’s a real compliment. He’s a fantastic basketball player.”

Bryson, a 6-2 guard, also is the Player of the Year in the Southern Lakes Conference. He is joined on the coaches’ all-conference first team by Lake Geneva Badger senior Braden Tice, Delavan-Darien junior Tyler Butke, Elkhorn senior Max Findreng and Waterford junior Brent Kuschewski.

Bryson is an All-Southern Lakes repeater, and Tice is a carryover from last year’s first team in the former Lakeshore Conference.

Elkhorn coach John Handel said there was no question Bryson deserved to be the Player of the Year.

“He did everything for us,” said Handel, whose 20-3 team won the conference championship, was No. 9 in the AP Division 1 state ratings and lost a trip to the state tournament in a double-overtime sectional final against Beloit Memorial. “Besides his defense, he led us in scoring (16.5 ave.) and assists (6.0 ave.).”

Bryson also averaged six rebounds a game.

“He has an unbelievable motor,” Handel said. “He was a three-year starter for us and always drew the other team’s best guy. He really gets after it, and that was how he was like in practice.”

Tice is one of the top athletes in the Southern Lakes, also having earned first-team all-state honors from the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association and honorable mention from The Associated Press as a defensive back.

“He is a phenomenal shooter and a great athlete,” Beighton said of Tice, who had 34-point three-point goals in 12 conference games. “He posed all sorts of matchup problems for us.”

Tice led the Badgers with a 12.3 scoring average.

“He reminds me a lot of Bryson,” Handel said. “He’s a tough, tough kid. We been through a lot of wars with Badger over the years, and he impressed me with the way he keeps his composure.”

Butke averaged 15.5 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.3 assists and nearly a block a game for the Comets.

“He’s so relentless in the interior,” Beighton said. “He’s really good facing the basketball.”

Beighton says Butke should be even more of a force as a senior.

“He’s extremely athletic,” Beighton said. “At 6-5 and as fast and as strong as he is, he poses a challenge for other teams. With his vertical jump, he is an intimidating presence inside.

“He’s a tough kid,” the Delavan-Darien coach said. “And he is relentless. Even if you kept him down for a half, he can explode.”

Handel isn’t looking forward to facing Butke again next season.

“Butke has improved as much as any player in the conference,” Handel said. “It won’t be a lot of fun playing against him next year.”

Findreng joins Bryson in giving Elkhorn on a 1-2 punch on the first team.

“He had a really nice year for us,” Handel said of the 6-2 forward, who averaged 14 points and 5.5 rebounds. “He’s a threat offensively, and really has deep range. He also can play off the bounce and rebounded well for us.”

“Max is an outstanding talent,” Beighton said. “He can do a lot on the offensive end. He can hit a three and he can post up.”

All-Southern Lakes

Boys Basketball


Hgt. Yr. Pts.

Eric Bryson, Elkhorn 6-2 Sr. 188

Braden Tice, Badger 6-0 Sr 150.

Tyler Butke, Delavan-Darien 6-5 Jr. 185

Max Findreng, Elkhorn 6-2 Sr. 131

Brent Kuschewski, Waterford 6-2 Jr. 113


Nathan Radke, Union Grove 6-1 Jr. 193

Skyler O’Laughlin, Elkhorn 6-10 Jr. 138

Beau Steffens, Waterford 6-0 Jr. 134

Aaron Logterman, Delavan-Darien 6-8 Sr. 152

Andy Jaeger, Wilmot 5-9 Sr. 77

Player of the Year—Eric Bryson, Elkhorn.


Badger—Austin Gaugert, sr. Delavan-Darien—Jarrett Fowlkes, sr. Elkhorn—Jake Gahart, sr. Union Grove—Caleb Beachem, jr. Waterford—Brent Plantz, soph.; Joe Sturino, soph.. Westosha—Austin Koeshall, sr. Wilmot—Justin Dewing, Wilmot, sr.


Elkhorn, 11-1; Waterford, 9-3; Delavan-Darien, 6-6; Lake Geneva Badger, 6-6; Union Grove, 4-8; Westosha Central, 3-9; Wilmot, 3-9.


There’s a touch of the young and the old on the All-Southern Lakes Conference girls basketball first team.

Two sophomores, Alana Cesarz of Delavan-Darien and Alyssa Thomas of Union Grove, join seniors Christina Brinkman of Westosha Central, Leah Rempert of Lake Geneva Badgers and Ashlyn Anderson of Elkhorn to make up the first five.

Cesarz, a 6-2 forward, is the Player of the Year Player after averaging 18.9 points and 8.9 rebounds overall for coach Keiya Square’s championship team, which went 9-3 in the conference and 18-4 for the season.

Square said Cesarz, who received all-state honorable mention from The Associated Press, has improved in several areas since she joined the starting lineup as a freshman.

“Over last summer, she put in a lot of time working on her shot and working around the basket,” Square said. “Her athleticism comes out a lot. She really hurts teams the way she runs the court.”

While Cesarz has an outside shot, most of her scoring came from around the basket.

“She’s an 80-percent free-throw shooter, so there’s no reason to take her away from underneath the basket,” Square said. “She had two games where she went 10-for-10 from the line.”

Cesarz also had 36 points in a nonconference win over Milton and reached double figures in 10 of 12 Southern Lakes games.

“She took her game to another level,” said Elkhorn coach Jim Henriott. “She’s real tough around the basket and can shoot from 10 to 12 feet out. And she really works hard all the time she’s on the court.”

With 6-foot-1 senior Mallory Epping—an honorable-mention selection—also in the front court, Cesarz often played on the perimeter on defense.

“She had to guard a lot of guards,” Square said. “She did a good job. She gave us a lot of flexibility.”

Anderson also had a solid season, scoring 14.6 points a game and grabbing 6.6 rebounds, while leading Elkhorn to a second-place tie behind Delavan-Darien.

“She’s a real athletic kid,” Henriott said. “Late in the season, she stepped back and shot the three for us.

“She could handle the ball against pressure and still played inside. She’s a well-rounded player.”

“She can run as well as anyone in the conference,” Square said of Anderson. “She created a lot of mismatches for us. It’s hard to press them when she’s on the floor.”

Rempert, whose season was highlighted by a 33-point game, earned the respect of opposing coaches while averaging 15.9 points in the conference and leading Badger to a WIAA Division 1 sectional appearance.

“She’s the most athletic girl in the conference,” Square said. “When she wanted to score, she scored. She could get to the basket. She was phenomenal.”

Despite playing on Westosha Central’s 2-10 conference team, Brinkman also had an outstanding season in leading the Southern Lakes with a 18.3 scoring average. Thomas also was in the top five—behind Wilmot’s Jackie Herman (17 ppg), Cesarz (16.8) and Rempert—with a 14.8 conference average.

All-Southern Lakes

Girls Basketball


Hgt. Yr. Pts.

Alana Cesarz, Delavan-Darien 6-2 So. 201

Christina Brinkman, Westosha 5-9 Sr. 219

Leah Rempert, Badger 5-9 Sr. 191

Alyssa Thomas, Union Grove 5-7 So. 148

Ashlyn Anderson, Elkhorn 6-0 Sr. 159


Courtney Flood, Delavan-Darien 5-6 Jr. 153

Jordan Bohlman, Waterford 5-7 Sr. 109

Jacqueline Herman, Wilmot 5-5 Jr. 102

Kasey Reeves, Elkhorn 5-7 Sr. 145

Gina Ambrose, Badger 5-7 Jr. 146


Badger—Elyse Reuss, sr.; Delavan-Darien—Mallory Epping, sr.; Elkhorn—Brianna Entwistle, sr.; Union Grove—Jacqie Servi, sr.; Stephanie Rank, Waterford, fr.; Faith Lois, Westosha Central, soph.; Brianna John, Wilmot, sr.

Player of the Year—Alana Cesarz, Delavan-Darien.


Delavan-Darien, 9-3; Elkhorn, 8-4; Union Grove, 8-4; Waterford, 8-4; Lake Geneva Badger, 6-6; Westosha Central, 2-10; Wilmot, 1-11.

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