No accounts compromised in phone scam

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
— No account holders at Parker Community Credit Union have been compromised in an apparent telephone scam that started Monday afternoon, said Ron Hornsey, executive vice president.

A number of people in the area received calls starting about 4:30 p.m. Monday from an automated message saying the person's debit card with Parker Community Credit Union was being deactivated. Callers were asked to punch in account information.

The number showed up as all zeros on caller IDs.

Many of the calls went to people who had no affiliation with the credit union, Hornsey said. Credit union officials also noticed the calls were made to cell phone and landline numbers starting with "608-751."

No credit union accounts have been compromised by the scam, Hornsey said

"It's (scams) happened before. It'll probably happen again," he said. "People should just ignore that kind of call."

For more information on identity theft or to request that a crime prevention deputy speak at a community event, contact Rock County sheriff's deputy Paul Kremer at (608) 290-4588.

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