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Local man remembered as a craftsman who cared about his hometown

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Monday, March 16, 2009
— Brian D. Glynn was a craftsman who wanted to preserve his community's past so it would look beautiful for future generations.

Glynn, 44, a life-long Janesville resident, died Saturday after a fall from a bridge in downtown Chicago. Authorizes say Glynn fell to the concrete landing at North Columbus Drive and East North Water Street on the banks of the Chicago River.

The accident site was several blocks from the end of Chicago's annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

Glynn was the owner of Homestead Carpentry and served on the Janesville Historic Commission.

"He was a very good carpenter, a good craftsman," said Dick Gates, sales manager at Marling Lumber. "He was fortunate enough to be trained by and work for H&B Quality Builders."

Gates remembers Glynn's first day on the job at H&B.

"I got to the job site early in the morning, and there he was sweeping the floor—before he had even started working for them," Gates recalled.

That work ethic—and his attention to detail—made him popular with local builders.

"A lot of contractors used him for finish work; with something like an open stairway, which is difficult to do," Gates said.

Glynn served on the Janesville Historic Commission, an often-thankless job. The commission does site inspections and works out disputes with building owners.

Brad Cantrell, city community development director, described Glynn as "always very thoughtful."

Judy Adler, a city staffer who worked with the historic commission, said Glynn's background made him a valuable member of the group.

"He was very thoughtful. He had good ideas," Adler said.

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