Famous Pheasants

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Beth Wheelock
Monday, March 16, 2009

If you watched Food Network Monday night, you probably caught a glimpse of southern Wisconsin. The show "Will Work For Food" featured MacFarlane Pheasant farm in Janesville.

MacFarlane pen manager Brian Klein says it was a bit chaotic working with TV host Adam Gertner, trying to catch the pheasants to take them to the processor in Shopiere. Klein says Gertner was "slightly a comedian" and sprinkled one-liners in with his questions about the birds. For the show, Gertner learned to work with incubated eggs. He then graduated to taking care of the older fowl and catching the birds. The show features Gertner trying jobs in vastly different areas of food production.

MacFarlane was in the national spotlight earlier this year for providing the poultry for President Obama's Inaugural Dinner.

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