Bike tunnel included in stimulus request

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Beth Wheelock
Monday, March 16, 2009

Janesville's bike tunnel could become a reality without using local taxes to fund the project.

At a study session Monday, the Janesville City Council agreed to request federal stimulus dollars for the project, among others, as long as the project is fully funded by federal dollars. Jay Winzenz, Director of Administrative Services, says the state funding in place for the project is actually federal funding coming through the state. He says if the city receives federal funding for the project, it would not be able to use the state funding it previously received. He says the city would prefer to use federal dollars for the project, and redirect previously borrowed local funds to another project.

The city council would still have to award the bid for the project, and could still veto it.

Also at the study session, the city council named priorities for 2010 federal appropriations. Energy efficiency, neighborhood stabilization, and wastewater plant upgrades are the top three priorities for that funding.

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