Tournament narrows field of local bowlers

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Gazette staff
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
— Charles Tankersley Jr., led the all-events scratch division of the the South Central USBC Championship tournament with 2,096 pins after the third weekend of the four weekend event at El Ra and RiversEdge in Janesville.

There are two team squads left and one doubles and singles squad. The tournament ends March 8.

Riverside Golf with Del Ayers, Michael Kersten, Dan Quam, Curt Kohl and Greg Ayers from RiversEdge led the team scratch with 3,156 pins.

Awards and prize money will be presented at the Association Banquet, April 4, 1 p.m., at Black Bridge Bowl.

Cheryl Hoff led the women’s singles scratch with a 597. Hoff and Bev Haas led the doubles scratch with 1,188 pins.

Team handicap

3,944—Sather’s Service (Randy Dailey, Jon Dailey, Tyler Engen, Peter Jordan, Terry Engen) from Cardinal Lanes.

3,878—Got Milk (Mark Wellnitz, Shane Prien, Philip Wellnitz, Mathew Wellnitz, Robert Benton) from Cardinal Lanes.

3,710—Weirdo’s (Eric Hoium, Allen Bakke, Shane Weir, Greg Fiedler, James Benway) from El-Ra Bowl.

3,700—Badger Pro Shop (Robert Caudill, Keith Burlingame, Corey Ciseski, Richard Banker, Charles Tankersly Jr) from El-Ra Bowl.

Team scratch

3,156 Riverside Golf (Del Ayers, Michael Kersten, Dan Quam, Curt Kohl, Greg Ayers) from RiversEdge Bowl.

Doubles handicap

1,635—Robert Caudill (253, 241, 225) and Charles Tankersley (244, 257, 245); 1,575—Eric Hoium and Greg Fiedler; 1,535—Josh Wiser and Ron Kobs.

Doubles scratch

1,465—Robert Caudill (253, 241, 225) and Charles Tankersley (244, 257, 245); 1,357—Chris Jones and Harry Borck.

Singles handicap

832—Philip Ullius (216, 214, 213); 818—Chris Gransee; 808—Gary Strunz.

Single Scratch

753—Dan Ronde (279, 186, 288), 741—Charles Tankersley, Jr. (249, 257, 235); 703—Jamie Jones (257, 208, 238).

All-events handicap

2,438—Keith Burlingame; 2,370—Robert Benton; 2,331—Philip Ullius.

All-events scratch

2,096—Charles Tankersley Jr.

Team handicap

3,651 Lab Safety (Danielle Visgar, Kate Bentheimer, Marcia Ringenberg, Sandy Hantke, Tina Dewey) RiversEdge Bowl.

Doubles handicap

1,528—Cheryl Hoff (179, 194, 164) and Bev Haas (194, 226, 231); 1,494—Judith and Tracie Kirchner.

Doubles scratch

1,188—Cheryl Hoff (179, 194, 164), Bev Haas (194, 226, 231).

Singles handicap

799—Cheryl Hoff (197, 168, 232); 753—Jennifer Myszewski, 731—Judith Kirchner.

Singles scratch

597—Cheryl Hoff (197, 168, 232).

All-events handicap

2,290—Jennifer Myszewski. 2,183—Cheryl Hoff, 2,141—Lisa Hess.

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