AirFest organizers hope to return items

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Gazette staff
Saturday, June 27, 2009
— It might have been the Shockwave truck.

Or the explosions from the pyrotechnic show.

Either way, something made you drop your stuff on the tarmac at the Southern Wisconsin Airfest. Show organizers would like to give it back.

“We’ve got a couple of kids’ hoodies, a folding chair in a bag and a bunch of other stuff,” said Geri Conway, a member of the board of directors.

For those of you older than 40—or for those of you without children—a hoodie is hooded sweatshirt.

Also lost were a couple of jean jackets, a pair of glasses and several sets of keys.

“One set has a Chevy key on it,” Conway said in an e-mail to the Gazette.

After seeing a F-16 Viper, who wants to go home in a Chevy?

The clean-up crew also found a cell phone. Conway said they would have been happy to call “Mom” or “home” but the battery was dead.

A lost cell phone never comes with a charger.

If you think you think any of those items might be yours, call the Airfest office at (608) 754-5405.

Also, if the driver of the Chevy could return the F-16 Viper, they’d appreciate it.

No questions asked.

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