Midseason champs determined at Jefferson Speedway

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Gazette staff
Friday, June 26, 2009

Midseason champions will be crowned in five divisions Saturday night at Jefferson Speedway.

Rain actually was the big winner during the first half of the season, forcing Wisconsin’s self-proclaimed “Action Track” to cancel four racing cards.

But the quarter-mile track, as usual, produced competitive racing each week, especially in the Late Model division where five drivers have won the six feature races this year.

Fort Atkinson’s Jason Erickson sits atop the point standings with 528 points, leaving him 26 ahead of Jefferson’s Kyle Jarlsburg. Erickson is the only driver in the Late Model division with multiple feature victories this season. His victory on May 23 came in a 50-lap event run under green from start to finish. A week later Erickson just beat Luke Westenburg to the line.

Other Late Model feature winners this season include Watertown’s Andy Wendt, who won the season opener, Rio’s Steve Dobbratz, Stoughton’s Casey Johnson and Westenburg.

The Sportsman and Bandit divisions have each produced six different feature winners this season. The Hobby Stock class has five winners in six weeks.

The only division with a runaway leader in the points is the International class where Janesville’s Mark English has won three of the six feature races and carries a 130-point lead over Lake Mills’ Kyle Smith into tonight’s action.

In fact, with 80 points going to the feature winner, English has already wrapped up the midseason title.

That’s not the case in the Sportsman Division where McFarland’s Tory Bagley holds an 18-point lead over Deerfield’s Chris Ehrhart, 392-374. Janesville’s Tom Reents is third with 347 points.

Bagley built his points lead without having won a feature race this season. The six Sportsman feature winners in 2009 are Jason Dunn (Sun Prairie), Mike Acheson (Watertown), Dan Schmidt (Farmington), Brady Lilly (Milton), Kody Hubred (Utica) and Kurt Thompson (Fort Atkinson).

In the Bandits, Cudahy’s Dave Schmidt leads Deerfield’s Scott Pauls 368-356. Stoughton’s Kyle Watters trails Schmidt by 63 points. Each has won feature victory this season.

Other Bandit feature winners in 2009 include Heather Stark (Waterloo), John Beale (Verona), Troy Anderson (Helenville) and Brandon Johnson (Avalon).

Waunakee’s Kyle Riedner has won two feature events in the Hobby Stocks and holds a 381-348 lead over Orfordville’s Jimmy Robinson, who has one main event victory under his belt. The other feature winners in 2009 include Dustin Ward (Waterloo), Tim Lange (Dousman) and Larry Moen (Sun Prairie).


Late Model

1. Jason Erickson, Fort Atkinson, 528; 2. Kyle Jarlsburg, Jefferson, 502; 3. Luke Westenburg, Jefferson, 411; 4. Steve Dobbratz, Rio, 430; 5. Bob Kahler, Belvidere, Ill., 420; 6. Casey Johnson, Stoughton, 396; 7. Doug Hahn, Whitewater, 384; 8. Dylan Schuyler, Jefferson, 332; 9. Andy Wendt, Jefferson, 324; 10. Scott Lindsay, 297.


1. Tory Bagley, McFarland, 392; 2. Chris Ehrhart , Deerfield, 374; 3. Tom Reents, Janesville, 347; 4. Chico Riedner, Waunakee, 345; 5. Jason Dunn, Sun Prairie, 342; 6. Brady Lilly, Milton, 313; 7. Shawn Scheel, Lake Mills, 308; 8. Kody Hubred, Utica, 299; 9. Mike Acheson, Watertown, 285; 10. Dan Schmidt, Farmington, 264.


1. Dave Schmidt, Cudahy, 368; 2. Scott Pauls, Deerfield, 356; 3. Kyle Watters, Stoughton, 335; 4. Jeffery LaFave Jr., 295; 5. John Beale, Verona, 294; 6. Travis Schneeberg, Cottage Grove, 294; 7. Dennis Johnson Jr., Watertown, 274; 8. Heather Stark, Waterloo, 323; 9. Troy Anderson, Helenville, 249; 10. Mat Goodwin, Beloit, 225.

Hobby Stocks

1. Kyle Riedner, Waunakee, 381; 2. Jimmy Robinson, Orfordville, 348; 3. Tim Lange, Dousman, 339; 4. Dustin Ward, Waterloo, 339; 5. Johnny Robinson, Beloit, 322; 6. Kyle Stark, Sun Prairie, 317; 7. Steven Sauer, Waterloo, 303; 8. Chester Williams, Waukesha, 283; 9. Zack Schmidt, Johnson Creek, 257; 10. Roger Stephenson, Cambridge, 251.


1. Mark English, Janesville, 503; 2. Kyle Smith, Lake Mills, 373; 3. Rodney Mundt, Lake Mills, 305; 4. Steven Scheel, Lake Mills, 284; 5. Chad Olds, Whitewater, 266; 6. Ashley Smith, Lake Mills, 263; 7. Mark Dewey, Beloit, 262; 8. Casey Strese, Watertown, 244; 9. Brandon Pendleton, Helenville, 240; 10. Neil Higgins, Watertown, 237.

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