Michael Huber sentenced to 195 years in prison

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Steve Benton
Friday, June 26, 2009
— 32 year old Michael Huber of Janesville gets a 195 year prison sentence for a series of home invasions and rapes that terrorized Janesville residents over a ten year period.

In sentencing Huber, Judge James Daley said he believed Huber carefully planned and executed all of the crimes.

Many of the victims spoke prior to the sentencing. Huber was called an "animal", and other things. One of the victims said that at the "end of your pitiful life, Michael Huber, it is not I or anyone else that will judge you. You'll be judged by God, and may he have mercy on your soul."

Huber appeared remorseful as he apologized to the victims, family and friends, and all of Janesville. He also said he was "ready to reap what he had sown."

Huber will spend the rest of his life at the Dodge County correctional center.

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