Obama administration taking wrong line with illegal immigrants

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Hilary Presti
Friday, June 19, 2009
EDITOR'S NOTE: This is among commentaries written by students in the Washington Seminar program at Janesville Parker High School.

The current U.S. immigration policy is not working. Not only is it not up to date, since its last examination was in 1965, but it is not executed properly.

Illegal immigration has been a huge problem for decades and still is. In order to significantly decrease the levels of illegal immigration, the United States must increase border security. Physical means of security, such as a fence, would be a waste of federal money. The United States should implement more efficient means of technology for security.

The caps on specific immigrants also must be reassessed. I do not think specific immigrants should have an easier entrance path than others. The only things that should be considered are criminal backgrounds and the ability to speak and understand English. I do not believe that having a child in the United States or marrying a U.S. citizen should automatically let an individual gain entrance into the United States.

The E-Verify System also should be included in immigration reform. The system would significantly reduce the number of people working here illegally. Also, with this system, fewer people would immigrate to the United States because it would be nearly impossible for them to get jobs in businesses. Since the E-Verify system is more than 99.5 percent accurate, it is highly unlikely that an individual would get a false reading. That small percent also makes this the most successful governmental program.

The Obama administration plans to legalize the nearly 12 million people living in the United States undocumented with virtually no penalties. I do not agree with this because that is basically stating that it is OK to immigrate here.

Because mass deportation would be impossible due to lack of resources, the undocumented immigrants should have to go to the back of the line for legalization after criminal background checks, pay fair fines and be required to learn a moderate level of English.

The United States also should not provide benefits to undocumented residents except for benefits the Supreme Court requires. These are education to minors and emergency health care. Undocumented residents take advantage of and significantly affect federal funds, so these residents should be provided with only required things.

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