City of Janesville to expand park

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Beth Wheelock
Monday, June 15, 2009

The City of Janesville hopes to acquire two properties in the Look West neighborhood near Washington Park.

The two properties are across the street from each other near the park. One, 417 North Washington, has a vacant house that was foreclosed in November. City staff members say the property is in very poor condition. With approval from the plan commission and city council, the city will demolish the house to expand the adjacent Washington Park. The project would be funded by the Parkland Acquisition Fund.

The city also wants to purchase 414 North Washington. That house was also foreclosed, but is in good condition. The city would acquire the property through the Neighborhood Stabilization Grant Program. The property would be rehabbed and sold to a low-to-moderate income owner. The city would place deed restrictions to assure the property remains owner-occupied.

The plan commission reviews the acquisition proposals Monday, but does not review financial aspects of the purchases.

Click here and here to read the city's recommendations for the properties.

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