Whitewater starts mailing campaign to attract businesses

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, June 10, 2009
— The business-wanted sign has been posted, and now the Whitewater Community Development Authority and UW-Whitewater are taking aim at executives.

In the first phase of the team's "Discover Your Center of Opportunity" campaign is the mailing of postcards to executives in the region. One postcard will be sent to each executive roughly once a week through the end of the month. After the direct-mail campaign has been completed, follow-up phone calls will be made to the targeted executives.

The campaign recently began by targeting more than 6,000 businesses in the region bounded by Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison.

The Community Development Authority worked with UW-Whitewater professor Jimmy Peltier and his company, Applied PhD Research, to develop the campaign.

"Whitewater's business development campaign is the foundation of our renewed efforts to stimulate the economy and create jobs," said Whitewater City Manager Kevin Brunner. "We have a terrific product to sell to businesses in the region because Whitewater has unique advantages that make it a great place to both grow a business and raise a family."

Four of the campaign's postcards detail Whitewater's competitive advantages. The fifth provides a summary of those advantages. The competitive advantages being highlighted are:

-- Location—Whitewater is located in the middle of major metropolitan areas in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois and is at the center of Wisconsin's population density.

-- Finance—The community boasts lower taxes and lower utility and labor costs compared to other cities in the region. Financial incentives and site-ready land for relocating businesses are also available.

-- Labor—The city's diverse and educated labor pool is founded on a strong Midwestern work ethic and the presence of UW-Whitewater.

-- UW-Whitewater—The university's business program has built a unique relationship with businesses in the community, offering faculty and staff consulting and access to the university's business assistance centers.

The community's economic development efforts received a major boost in May when the university and the city agreed on the location for the development of the Whitewater University Technology Park.

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