Veterinarian urges pets be vaccinated for rabies

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Stan Stricker
Monday, June 8, 2009

A local veterinarian is advising pets be immunized for rabies.

Dr. Steve Servantez is offering the advice, in light of the recent Rock County Health Department warning about two bats being confirmed to have rabies. Servantez estimates between 20% and 30% of pets aren't properly vaccinated. He says many owners, particularly of cats, believe their pets won't be exposed, because they may spend most of their time in the house. He says bats can get into homes too. Servantez advises caution because of the deadly nature of the disease. He says this can be a dangerous time of year for the disease, because pets are more active.

The last time the Rock County Health Department reports rabies was confirmed in a bat was four years ago.

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