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Mike Johnson/Special to the Gazette
Monday, July 27, 2009
— Matt Behm's approach shot to the 18th hole on Sunday at the Janesville Country Club landed on a shelf bisecting the green, tantalizingly close to hanging up near the pin, before trickling back down the ledge and onto the first level of the green.

But Behm's heart was not broken, nor were his chances of winning the Championshuip Flight of the Janesville Men's City Tournament damaged by the near-miss.

Behm didn't need a birdie on 18. Armed with a Texas-sized lead, Behm could've played the final hole of the tournament with an oar and still won his third City Tournament title easily.

After surviving windy conditions and brutal pin placements in Saturday's second round at Glen Erin—still thinking about Saturday's pin locations after Sunday's round, Behm quipped, "I don't think they'll ever make that mistake at Glen Erin again"—Behm held a two-shot lead over Bobby Kennedy going into Sunday.

By the time they finished the front nine, Behm had eliminated any drama from the tournament.

Behm birdied three of the first six holes on his way to a front-nine score of 3-under par 33. Needing only to play the back nine without blowing up, Behm finished with a 1-under 71, the best score of the day and Behm's best round ever at the Country Club in tournament play.

Behm's three-round total of 221 was seven shots clear of runner-up Brent Kern's 228.

"It means a lot to me," said Behm, who won the City Tournament in 2003 and 2006. "I love playing in it. I love the competition. I really didn't think I was going to be in the lead after (Saturday's) brutal round, so I'm really happy to take home my third City title."

Kennedy entered Sunday looking to win on his home course but never got it going. He made two early double bogeys and fell out of contention, carding an 81 for a three-round total of 233 and a sixth-place finish.

"I never really had it the whole day," Kennedy said. "My short game was (bad). Out here, it's pretty much whoever chips and putts the best with those greens."

With nobody in the final group playing well, Behm relied on periodic updates about other groups to find out where he stood. After bogeys on 10 and 12 slowed his pace, Behm chipped-in for birdie on 13.

By then, he was aware he had a nearly insurmountable lead, though he didn't want think that way.

"(They) kept giving me updates, and it was always I was up six, I was up seven, I was up eight," Behm said. "And I just said, ‘OK, I'm only up a couple, just keep making pars.' I just kept trying to play my golf instead of thinking about what (the lead) was."

Nobody in Behm's group made a charge, but at least some pressure was applied ahead of him from Kern and 2007 champion Sam Van Galder.

Van Galder, who led after the first round at Riverside Golf Course before shooting an 85 at Glen Erin, came out smoking on Sunday with three birdies on the first four holes. A snap-hooked drive into the trees on the par-4 12th, however, led to a triple bogey and abruptly halted his charge.

Van Galder finished with a final-round 75 and a total score of 231, landing him in a three-way tie for third with seven-time champion Chris Pastore and five-time winner Jeff Bruegger.

"I was pretty pumped after nine (holes), but then I saw (Behm) was also under par," Van Galder said. "I still figured (I could make a run) if I could maybe get it to 5- or 6-under today, which I thought was totally doable the way I was playing.

"I just ran out of gas, I think."

Kern, the 1997 champion, started Sunday four shots back of Behm playing one group ahead and was even through six holes. But he didn't make enough putts before back-to-back bogeys on seven and eight set him back.

"Every time I turned around, being in the group ahead of him, I saw (Behm) stick it close," said Kern, who shot a final-round 74. "I wish I would've made a few more putts early to at least try to push him, but you can't take anything away from Matt.

"He played really well today."

The day's play was highlighted by a hole-in-one. Robert Hendrickson recorded the ace on No. 16 while competing in C Flight.

In other flights:

-- Matt Stried was the A Flight winner, shooting a final-round 76. He beat both Jimmy Mead and Bob Woodrum by five shots.

-- Mike Johnson was the B Flight champion. Johnson shot an 86 Sunday to down runnerup Michael Mead by two strokes.

-- Gary Merk was the C Flight champion. Merk shot an 85 Sunday to cruise to his flight title by seven strokes over John Lambert.

-- Dennis Raabe won the D Flight title in handicap play. Jim Hudson was second.

2009 City Men's Golf Tournament final results

At Janesville CC (72)


221—Matt Behm, 72-78-71.

228—Brent Kern, 73-81-74.

231—Sam Van Galder, 71-85-75; Jeff Bruegger, 75-80-76; Chris Pastore, 76-79-76.

233—Bobby Kennedy, 73-79-81.

236—Sean Halverson, 72-82-82.

237—Aaron Rondon, 74-81-82; Ryan Coffey, 75-84-78.

238—Braddy Bohlman, 78-83-77; Mark Thomsen, 85-77-76.

241—Jacob Downing, 77-86-78; Charlie Roherty, 76-87-78; Greg Ruef, 79-80-82; Mike Kletzien, 76-86-79.

242—Justin Ferguson, 78-83-81.

243—Rob Ackerman, 83-78-82; Drew Jones, 77-78-88.

244—Steve Babcock, 85-77-82.

245—Jeff Farrell, 77-82-86; Matt Kersten, 77-90-78; Jerry Rabbach, 76-86-83.

246—Jordan Brovick, 79-84-83.

248—King Clark, 79-85-84.

249—Bill Kennedy, 78-87-84; Blair Schmeiser, 86-81-82.

252—Kevin Hulen, 81-89-82.

254—Andy Lubeck, 84-88-82.

258—Dave DiStefano, 83-89-86.

263—Teegan Jacobson, 86-91-86.

265—Doug Sheridan, 91-85-89.

Jim Stubbendick, 86-94-DNP.

Aaron Leeder, 78-84-DNS.


234—Matt Stried, 77-81-76.

239—Jimmy Mead, 74-80-85; Bob Woodrum, 80-75-84.

243—Steve Hiser, 81-80-92.

245—Al Herbst, 77-91-77; Jay Fox, 77-87-81.

246—Mike Reid, 81-82—83; Curt Goodwick, 82-84-80.

248—Dave Diece, 78-86-84.

250—Jim Crawford, 81-90-79.

254—Jared Hiser, 78-84-83; Chad Sullivan, 86-77-91; Terry Kletzien, 84-88-82.

255—Evan Diece, 80-86-89; Miguel Cepeda, 79-92-84; Jon Phillips, 78-95-82.

257—Dan Kelly, 80-86-91.

258—Gilbert Enriquez, 81-89-89.

259—Derek Cooper, 83-89-87.

260—Shannon Dooley, 80-94-86; Dave Fleig, 85-85-90.

263—Ryan Hutchinson, 79-100-86.

264—Dave DeGarmo, 83-100-81.

290—Rich Haberman, 97-92-101.


239—Mike Johnson, 72-81-86.

241—Michael Mead, 81-78-82.

244—Matt Kempfer, 77-79-88.

249—Dave Herr, 77-86-86.

250—John Zimmerman, 74-92-84.

251—Bill Wipperman, 81-85-85.

253—Gary Neumueller, 78-86-89.

254—David Huibregtse, 87-88-79.

255—George Larson, 87-87-81.

256—Tom Collins, 82-84-90.

257—Steve Gelbach, 78-90-89.

258— Steve Thurner, 82-88-88; Jeff DeGarmo, 82-87-89; Kevin Riley, 81-93-84.

260— Brian Dunk, 86-86-88; Randy Krueger, 84-88-88; Joel Bailey, 89-85-86; Mike Schoeder, 82-85-93.

261—Ethan Rau, 76-91-94.

264—Ned Moser, 89-85-90; Shawn Gagg, 82-93-89; Jake Hassinger, 89-86-89.

266—Brent Corey, 84-94-88; John Hill, 83-92-91.

277—Pat Kennedy, 91-92-94.

286—Larry Kotwitz, 90-100-96.

289—Carl Howard, 94-103-92.

284—Mike Tearman, 101-100-83.

324—Jason Leffel, 97-117-110.


244—Gary Merk, 78-81-85.

251—John Lambert, 77-89-85.

254—Eric Sherdell, 86-86-82.

255—Efren Blanca, 83-86-86.

256—Jeff Adams, 79-87-90.

258—Cory Shea, 79-90-89.

259—Todd Sitter, 84-87-88; Stephen Monroe, 89-85-85; Kevin Mickelson, 83-90-86; Stephen Thompson, 82-94-83.

262—Dan Hermanson, 84-93-85.

263—Scott Shadel, 87-85-91.

265—Brian Rogula, 86-87-92; Tim Millis, 86-90-89; Cliff Wakefield, 85-90-90; Jeff Sheldon, 87-91-87; Eric Richards, 90-90-85.

266—Philip Konkol, 84-93-89; Paul Burkholder, 85-93-89.

269—Keith Trembula, 85-89-95; Bryant Schaefer, 84-92-93; Tom Noll, 93-89-87.

273—Greg Galvan, 87-88-98.

274—Brian Garey, 88-94-92.

276—Dean Hendrickson, 90-92-94.

277—Jerry Shere, 88-93-96.

279—Robert Hendrickson, 90-93-96; Danny Kido, 92-94-93.

281—Brad Schumacher, 83-96-102.

282—Thomas Vogt, 93-98-91;

283—Drew Vogel, 91-94-98; Matt Ruppe, 90-96-97.

297—Larry Schumacher, 102-99-96.

Benjamin Dewitt, 83-91-DNS


(Net scores, with handicaps)

204—Dennis Raabe, 67-70-67.

214—Jim Hudson, 71-69-74.

215—Richard Moore, 68-73-74.

218—Lee Braem, 72-77-69.

219—Bryan Thorson, 67-74-78; Loren Mathison, 76-79-64.

220—Nate Punzel, 70-77-73; Chad Flanders, 72-75-73.

225—Mike Spiegler, 74-77-74.

227—Mike Berg, 73-76-78.

228—Ron Pumilia, 78-73-77.

229—Brian Gatrel, 74-72-83; Doug Whitescarver, 79-73-77; Dave Langowski, 77-79-73.

231—Daryl Rosenbaum, 69-79-83.

232—Steve Weiss, 71-85-76.

234—Steve Bysted, 80-76-78; George Pritchett, 78-80-76.

239—Paul Schieldt, 78-89-72.

242—Ronald Johnson, 76-87-79.

243—Ken Creek, 77-83-83.

244—Andrew Gregg, 80-93-71.

253—Pat Kelly, 73-92-88.

256—Matt Dewitt, 81-94-81.

258—Kris Mueller, 77-95-86.

261—Tony Jacobson, 75-103-83.

268—John Hutchinson, 83-94-91.

Joe Sprecher, 75-81-DNP.

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