Habitat for Humanity to request new funding source

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Beth Wheelock
Sunday, July 26, 2009

Habitat for Humanity is asking the Janesville City Council Monday for permission to sell one vacant lot to build a house on another.

According to a city memo, the city acquired several lots near the General Motors plant in 1998 in case GM wanted to expand. GM determined that expansion was not necessary, and in 2007 the city donated five lots to Habitat for Humanity. The donation came with the caveat that Habitat for Humanity construct single-family homes on the sites within 36 months, sell the home to an income-eligible household and place a deed restriction that the property only be used for a single-family home.

Habitat's director comes before the city council Monday to ask the deed restriction be lifted on 1114 South Cherry Street so the non-profit group may sell it to an adjacent property owner. The funds from the sale would be used to build a house further down the street. The director tells city staff members there has been a decrease in funding for Habitat projects, and with the proceeds the group would be able to begin construction on a new home later this summer.

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