Janesville Men’s City Golf Tournament gets a new look

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Gazette Staff
Thursday, July 23, 2009
— The Janesville Men’s City Golf Tournament will have a new look this season, and a new champion.

The 54-hole tournament begins with Friday’s opening round at Riverside Golf Course. Saturday’s play shifts to Glen Erin followed by the final 18 at the Janesville Country Club.

Defending champion Brad Bohlman is not entered this year, but seven other former champions are.

This is the first year that the Country Club will host the final round, and head pro Lance Marting is excited about the opportunity.

“We’ve talked about hosting the final round for the last three or four years,” Marting said. “There was positive feedback from our members to do it because a lot of them play in the tournament, and the more we looked at it, the more we liked the idea.

“The course is in the best shape it has ever been in, and it sets up well for people to come and watch. I would expect a nice little gallery on holes No. 9 and 18.”

A total of 150 golfers are entered, with five flights being offered based on handicap.

In the Championship Flight, Chris Pastore and Jeff Bruegger enter the tournament with 12 titles between them. Pastore is tied with Gregg Clatworthy for the second-most city titles with seven, two behind all-time Jan Hoffman, who won nine.

Pastore did not play last year, but last won the tournament in 2004.

The other former City champions in the field are Matt Behm (2003 and 2006), Sam Van Galder (2007), Ryan Coffey (2002), Brent Kern (1997) and Steve Babcock (1976).

With the Country Club the least played of the three venues in the tournament, Marting said strategy and course management will be important in Sunday’s final round.

“Don’t let yourself get intimidated, especially because the greens tend to play a little faster,” Marting said. “Par on a lot of holes is a good score.

“And there are opportunities where you can attack the course. Bogeys are going to happen, but there are birdies to be made, too.”

Tee times listed are for Friday’s first round at Riverside, and although tee times are different for Saturday, the pairings will be the same for the first two rounds.

Janesville Men’s City Golf Tournament

Friday’s first-round tee times

At Riverside Golf Course (Par 72)


Hole 1

7:00 a.m.—Jim Stubbendick, Andy Lubeck, Blair Schmeiser.

7:09—Mark Thomsen, Teegan Jacobson, King Clark.

7:18—Bill Kennedy, Ryan Coffey, Matt Kersten.

7:27—Drew Jones, Braddy Bohlman, Jake Downing.

7:36—Matt Behm, Justin Ferguson, Jeff Bruegger.

Hole 10

7:00—Aaron Leeder, Greg Reuf, Jerry Rabbach.

7:09—Michael Kletzien, Aaron Rondon, Steve Babcock.

7:18—Kevin Hulen, Bobby Kennedy, Charlie Roherty.

7:27—Sam Van Galder, Chris Pastore, Sean Halvorson.

7:36—Rob Ackerman, Brent Kern, Jeff Farrell, Doug Sheridan.


Hole 1

7:45—Bob Woodrum, Matt Stried, Dan Kelly.

7:54—Chad Sullivan, Dave DiStefano, Mike Reid.

8:03—Jared Hiser, Rich Haberman, Gilbert Enriquez.

8:12—Evan Diece, Jay Fox, Jimmy Mead, Al Herbst.

Hole 10

7:45—Jon Phillips, Curt Goodwick, Dave DeGarmo.

7:54—Miguel Cepeda, Jim Crawford, Shannon Dooley.

8:03—Ryan Hutchinson, Derek Cooper, Steve Hiser.

8:12—Dave Diece, Dave Fleig, Jordan Brovick, Terry Kletzien.


Hole 1

8:21—John Zimmerman, Michael Mead, Brian Dunk.

8:30—George Larson, Randy Krueger, John Hill.

8:39—Matt Kempfer, Bill Wipperman, Jason Leffel, Pat Kennedy.

8:48—Carl Howard, Joel Bailey, Mike Tearman, Ned Moser.

Hole 10

8:21—Gary Neumueller, Brent Corey, Mike Johnson.

8:30—Dave Herr, Tom Collins, Steve Thurner, Jeff DeGarmo.

8:39—Kevin Riley, Mike Schoeder, Steve Gelbach, David Huibregtse.


Hole 1

11:39—Tim Millis, Jeff Adams, Gary Merk.

11:48—Efren Blanca, Larry Schumacher, Drew Vogel.

11:57—Stephen Monroe, Ben DeWitt, Tom Noll.

12:06—Brian Garey, Cliff Wakefield, Bryant Schaefer.

12:15—Todd Sitter, Greg Galvan, Paul Burkholder.

Hole 10

11:30—Eric Scherdell, Thomas Vogt, Dan Hermanson.

11:39—Kevin Mickelson, Jerry Shere, Scott Shadel.

11:48—Brian Rogula, Keith Trembula, Dean Hendrickson.

11:57—Matt Ruppe, Robert Hendrickson, Stephen Thompson.

12:06—Jeff Sheldon, Eric Richards, Brad Schumacher.

12:15—John Lambert, Danny Kido, Philip Konkol.


Hole 1

12:24—Nate Punzel, Jim Hudson, Bryan Thorson.

12:33—Chad Flanders, Loren Mathison, Lee Braem.

12:42—Steve Bysted, Brian Gatrel, Richard Moore.

12:51—Ron Pumilla, Mike Berg, Doug Whitescarver.

1:00—John Hutchinson, Pat Kelly, Ken Creek.

Hole 10

12:24—Tony Jacobson, Kris Mueller, Matt DeWitt.

12:33—Dave Langowski, Mike Spiegler, Dennis Raabe.

12:42—Greg Tanko, Timothy Ryan, George Pritchett.

12:51—Daryl Rosenbaum, Steve Weiss, Paul Schieldt.

1:00—Joe Sprecher, Andrew Gregg, Ronald Johnson.

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