Record '08 flooding damages Janesville dam

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Kathleen Foody
Tuesday, July 14, 2009
— Record flooding in 2008 could be to blame for damage at the Centerway Dam.

Several boards have come loose, allowing more water to pour over the dam and cutting electricity generated at the dam. North American Hydro owns the dam and the energy it produces.

Heavy debris carried in the floodwaters probably contributed to the damage, said Rob Davis of the Department of Natural Resources.

“It certainly didn’t help,” he said.

“We don’t feel this is a public safety issue, or we would be dealing with it immediately,” Davis said. “It’s more of a maintenance cosmetic issue, but it’s something that certainly needs to be taken care of.”

The company and the Department of Natural Resources are developing a plan to repair the dam after Labor Day, when water levels usually are at their lowest and the recreation season has usually slowed, said Greg Brzozowski, regional manager at the company.

Brzozowski called the repairs “preventative” and said the company is waiting on permits from the Department of Natural Resources before work can begin.

Repairing the broken boards would result in the generation of more energy, he said. With the damage, more water is running downstream than is passing through the turbines to create energy.

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