Beloit Police Chief retires amid concerns over affair

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Beth Wheelock
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Concerns about a personal relationship between former Beloit Police Chief Sam Lathrop and a subordinate led to his decision to retire.

Beloit City Manager Larry Arft says he first found out about the relationship two months ago. He says he began a dialogue with Lathrop about the potential impact on the police department's chain of command. There's no specific anti-fraternization policy at the city. Arft says there are policies about unbecoming conduct, command level, maintaining certain ethical standards and standards of conduct.

Arft says there has been no impact on the subordinate's employment. Lathrop, who abruptly resigned late Friday, is going through divorce proceedings.

Lathrop says his relationship with Sgt Pam Barney is intensely personal and not open to discussion. He says it did not affect public safety in any way.

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