Public Record for July 11, 2009

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rock County


-HIGHWAY 14 AND KENNEDY ROAD, Theodore E. Swan, 62, of 20 N. Palm St., Janesville, started pulling forward before the red light changed green at 9:12 p.m. Wednesday. Swan was rear-ended by a car driven by Jarred E. Talbert, 19, of 5449 N. Sable Drive, Milton. No citations were issued. Swan was treated and released at Mercy Hospital, Janesville.

City of Milton Court

- LORI C. BONE, 438 Woodcrest Lane, Milton, contributing to truancy, $298.

- JASON S. FINNEGAN, 215 N. Clear Lake, Milton, worthless check, $361.

- COREY D. MOORE-MORRISON, 164 S. Franklin St., Janesville, habitual truancy, $676.

- CORENA L. PIERCE, W7782 Lamp Road, Fort Atkinson, operating while intoxicated, operating while suspended, $835, license revocation.

- ANDREW C. RUSSELL, 1132 Brown Drive, Milton, worthless check, $361.

- CHELSEA R. STEWART, 3116 Mt. Zion Ave., Janesville, illegal passing of school bus, $235.

Rock County Court

- JEREMY A. STEINBERG, Madison, speeding, $186.

- JASON H. STENULSON, 3905 Mackinac Drive, Janesville, knowingly operating while suspended and causing property damage, $501.

- LINDSAY N. TILLEY, 119 Buten St., Milton, speeding, $236.

- TOP GRADE TRUCKING INC., Minneapolis, Minn., violating highway weight limits, $323.

- NICOLE R. VALERIUS, 2006 Morningside Drive, Janesville, operating while suspended, $186.

- TYRONE WALLACE, South Beloit, Ill., displaying unauthorized vehicle registration plate, $224.

- ALVIN F. WALMER, 4318 Dandylion Lane, Evansville, speeding, $186.

- DEVIN J. WALSH, Menomonee Falls, operating without carrying license, $246.

- PAGE A. WHITE, 1524 Barham Ave., Janesville, speeding, $186.

- MICHELE R. WILDES, 2010 Meadow Lane, Janesville, speeding, $211.

- MICHAEL R. WILLIAMS, 305 Pleasant St., Clinton, speeding and operating while suspended, $347.

- LATISHA A. WINTERSTEEN, Franksville, speeding, $186.

- REBEKAH A. WISER, 9107 Highway 14, Evansville, speeding, $186.

Rock County Marriages

- Johnny Pruitte and Rhonda Trickel, both of Janesville.

- George Carroll, Janesville, and Margo Van Galder, Lynxville.

- Jeremy Brumfield and Lindsey Hanson, both of Cumming, Ga.

- Jason Dillman and Amy Weisman, both of Union.

- Jeffrey Palmer and Margaret Zimmerman, both of Edgerton.

- Kevin Cook and Gina Castro, both of Harmony Township.

- Christen Vlasak and Heather Holland, both of Janesville.

- James Preston and Patricia Green, both of Janesville.

- Bradley Corso and Leah Conway, both of Porter Township.

- David Radke, Rockton, Ill., and La Donna Block, Janesville.

- Jeffery Mc Clain and Deena Johns, both of Park Forest, Ill.

- Michael Mc Leod, South Beloit, Ill., and Brandy Stluka, Beloit.

- David Huebner, Janesville, and Katrina Engen, Avon.

- Johnny Becvar Jr and Shirley Carr, both of Beloit.

- Todd Kleisner and Kathleen Brost, both of Janesville.

- Jason Beauleave and Amanda Prengel, both of Beloit.

- Steven Szyjewski and Jessica Norder, both of Janesville.

- Kenneth Fleming and Vanessa Crawford, both of Beloit.

- Carl Robinson and Nahely Martinez, both of Beloit.

- Mark Smullen and Catherine Barder, both of Beloit.

- Cary Torpen and Melissa Zacharias, both of Beloit.

- Edward Ray II and Emily Palallolo, both of Beloit.

- Reynaldo Garcia Ramirez and Maricela Vazquez Navarro, both of Janesville.

- Dennis Vindedahl and Karen Riegert, both of Janesville.

- Benjamin Riemer and Amy Walker, both of Janesville.

- Justin Weberg, Janesville, and Rebekah Bertagnoli, Harmony.

- Ralphie Stewart, Machesney Park, Ill., and Mona Hoskins, Beloit.

- Xavier Meisinger, Edmond, Okla., and Samantha Kellicut, Beloit.

- Matthew Carlson and Alicia Miller, both of Turtle.

- Matthew Buroker and Sarah Bock, both of Beloit.

- Roger Amundson and Diane Sund, both of Fulton Township.

- Jose Ibarra Garcia, Delavan, and Sandra Villa, Beloit.

- Daniel White and Susan Reese, both of Evansville.

- Todd Kenney and Martina Davis, both of Janesville.

- Shawn Welte and Pamela Magnuson, both of Clinton.

- Frederick RitIer and Bonnie Welch, both of Beloit.

- Robert Heitzler and Lisa Starks, both of Janesville.

- Bradley Breakfield and Emily Mylin, both of Machesney Park, Ill.

- John Timm, Janesville, and Alysha Kundert, both of Center.

Rock County Divorces

- Gino Sherrod, Rock County, and Tanya Sherrod, Unknown County, Va., married July 1999.

- Randal O’Rourke and Lynn O’Rourke, both of Rock County, married Aug. 1986.

- David Allen Schmieder and Vicki Ellen Schmieder, both of Rock County, married June 1985.

- James Eric Trustem and Sandra Marie Larson, both of Rock County, married June 1994.

- Phillip Bryce Nass and Kayla Michelle Nass, both of Rock County, married Nov. 2000.

- Matthew Edgar Severin and Mary Ellen Severin, both of Rock County, married May 1991.

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