No new contract in sight for Janesville teachers

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Gazette Staff
Thursday, July 9, 2009
— Janesville public school teachers might return to work next month without a new contract.

The old contract ended June 30. Negotiators met for two hours Wednesday night without reaching agreement. They don't plan to meet again until Aug. 24.

Teachers return to work Aug. 27. Students' first day is Sept. 1.

Not reaching agreement in time for the new school year is commonplace. Teachers work under the terms of their old contract until a new one is approved.

Negotiators for both sides issued a joint statement after Wednesday's meeting. They reported that they clarified contract language and discussed forming a committee to discuss pay for teachers who oversee extracurricular activities, according to the statement.

Also discussed were rules governing teachers' advancement on the pay scale for college credits they earn.

Wednesday's meeting was the third for the negotiators.

The school board has proposed a pay freeze for the coming school year and a 1.34 percent pay hike in 2010-11. Teachers have emphasized that improvements in working conditions are high on their priority list.

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