Further debate over the condition of former Case Feed building

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Beth Wheelock
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The City of Janesville once again finds itself at odds with K. Andreah Briarmoon.

In this case, Briarmoon is working as the real estate agent selling the former Case Feed building on the corner of Center Avenue and Rockport Road. According to city officials, she has conducted an open house in the building, but an engineering report states there is not approved occupancy for the building and and there are no operating utilities in the building. Briarmoon would be able to give individual real estate showings, but open houses are considered "occupancy" and not allowed.

The current property owner is being assessed $766.86 for the snow removal, mowing and boarding up the building completed by the city.

City staff members are monitoring the property.

Several years ago, the city condemned and tore down a dilapidated carriage barn owned by Briarmoon. Last month, the city dropped zoning ordinance violations against Briarmoon after she removed a free-standing shed on her property.

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