Edgerton tabs committee to design new city hall

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Stacy Vogel
Tuesday, July 7, 2009
— After a successful referendum last month, Edgerton is moving forward to make a new City Hall a reality.

Mayor Erik Thompson appointed an ad-hoc design committee at Monday's city council meeting. The committee will discuss everything from policy decisions, such as how much green technology the building should incorporate, to mundane details such as countertops, said Ramona Flanigan, city administrator.

"Their task is to work with the architect at this point to ensure that all the components that people want are included," she said.

Voters on June 2 approved by 17 votes spending up to $1.2 million on a new City Hall. It will be built in the parking lot next to the existing building at 12 Albion St.

Members of the ad-hoc committee that recommended the referendum were invited to participate on the design committee, and many accepted, Flanigan said.

They will join new members, such as Ron Hagemann, who works with renewable plastics and knows about sustainable building practices, Flanigan said.

"Ron will be a great asset on the committee and seems to be well versed on funding opportunities," she said.

The committee will decide questions such as how many offices to include, what the building should look like and how big council chambers should be.

One of the first decisions will be when construction should begin, Flanigan said. If construction begins in fall, crews will have to work through the winter. On the other hand, if the city waits until spring, construction costs could rise.

Construction should take less than a year, she said.

The city conducted an environmental assessment on the parking lot and found relatively little contamination, Flanigan said. Officials hope to meet with state agencies this week to see how much clean-up will cost and what kind of funding is available.

The city also might apply for stimulus money to help pay for construction. The state is giving out energy-efficiency grants for municipal buildings, but it's prioritizing existing buildings rather than new ones, Flanigan said.

The new committee could start meeting as soon as next week, she said.

Members of the committee include Casey Burns, Joan Fox, Jim Kapellen, Jim Klein, Larry MacKenzie, Gary Beyer, Ken Westby, Dave Thomas and Sean Day. Steve French and Mark Gregory are alternatives. There also is a space on the committee for a veteran, if the veteran's committee would like to appoint someone, Flanigan said.

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