Battle of the Books event slated to start Monday

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Gazette Staff
Thursday, February 26, 2009
— Fourth- and fifth-grade students from six independent teams, one public school and four parochial schools have begun competition for Janesville's 25th annual Battle of the Books tournament.

The Hedberg Public Library, 316 S. Main St., sponsors the competition.

Battle of the Books is intended to encourage independent, recreational reading. Students were challenged to read 40 books selected by librarians.

Each four-person team will participate in the citywide competition, answering questions about books on the reading list. Teams are awarded points for knowing which book title answers the question and bonus points for knowing the author's name.

The first round of the citywide competition will be held at 6 p.m. Monday in Hedberg Public Library's Program Room. This competition will narrow the field to four teams.

Semifinals will be at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the library, followed immediately by the final competition between the remaining two teams.

The public is invited to watch the competitions and cheer for the teams.

Teams in the Battle of the Books citywide competitions are:

-- St. John Vianney School's Radical Readers: Sophie Werner, Umila Lunenburg, Ashley Myers, Joey Nerad and alternate Alex Kiefer.

-- St. Mary's School's Books By The Dozen: Nathaniel Langlie, Gabi Olson, Tony Seibert, Emily Wood and alternate Morgan Minard.

-- St. Paul's School's The Fried Book Worms: Emily Ward, Isabelle Caldwell, Trajan Perleberg, Lydia Stiegman and alternate Amanda Nielson.

-- St. William School's St. William's Flying Pages: Dylan Benway, Kirsten O'Leary, Hanna Rainiero, Nicole Sittarich and alternate Jenna McDade.

-- Adams School's Soaring Eagles: Daisy Toloza, Karen Suarez, Raneisha Hudson, Kylie Wright and alternate Alyssa Peterson.

-- Juicy Fruit Team: Alison Langston, Alyssa Brault, Kenady Kjell, and Lauren Hoffarth.

-- Reading Rascals: Stephanie Farrey, Megan Heeg, Marie Kasprzak, and Annie Perdue.

-- Red Spot Readers: Hannah Naatz, Bree Porter, Emma Hodge, and Kaitlin Porter.

-- The I Like to Read'ers: Maddie Hodge, Benji Nguyen, Lexi Ganong, Nathan Weigel and alternate Micheala Matthews.

-- The Red-Hot Readers: Kendra Foss, Emily Heilman, Samantha Norby, and Rachel Wente.

-- The Smarties: Katie Manna, Caitlin McCrory, Ashley Pfeiffer, and Beth Willger.

For more information, visit www.hedbergpubliclibrary.org.

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