Long meetings don't affect school board decisions

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Beth Wheelock
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

With committees, the regular school board meeting and a closed session directly afterward, the Janesville School Board spent more than four and a half hours in consecutive meetings Tuesday.

President DuWayne Severson says it was a unique situation. He says there was a combination of items that needed attention from the board, and also items that fell into place for the meeting on Tuesday. Several agenda items were postponed to the 24th during the board meeting two weeks ago, when the school board announced an interim superintendent.

Severson also says the school board is able to make the same decisions whether it's late or early. He says the time of night is not an issue. His colleagues on the school board might not agree, though. Severson says several of them have approached him about shorter agendas. Severson says the board members have jobs to attend to and family matters.

At Tuesday's meeting, Severson asked a school district employee to give her presentation again at the next meeting due to the late hour. He says he wanted to make sure everyone on the school board has enough time to listen to the presentation and make approriate responses to it.

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