Local tavern league members to attend Legislative Day

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Friday, February 20, 2009
— Members of the Rock County Tavern League will travel next week to Madison to discuss issues with legislators that affect their businesses, said Sharen Hoskins, co-chair.

Tuesday is Legislative Day, an annual event for the Wisconsin Tavern League that gives members a chance to voice their opinions about issues coming up, she said.

Those issues include a proposed statewide smoking ban that would apply to all bars, restaurants and workplaces.

"There's a lot of concern, especially for smaller taverns that are worried about losing business," Hoskins said.

Kelly Richards, co-chair of the local tavern league and co-owner of Deano's Westside Pub, agreed: "I'm a nonsmoker, but I'm fighting for my rights and freedom of choice. As a small businessperson, don't tell me how to run my business. Cigarettes are not illegal."

Hoskins said 25 of the 77 county tavern league members already are signed up to take a bus from Janesville to Madison.

Other members will meet the local delegation and members of the Wisconsin Tavern League there, she said.

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