Voters to narrow fields in Tuesday primaries

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring primaries lacking hot local races typically don't attract a many voters, Rock County Clerk Lori Stottler said.

That probably will be the case in most area municipalities for Tuesday's primary, which Stottler predicts will have a turnout of 4 percent to 6 percent.

"Countywide, we'll have some wards with no voters in, likely," she said.

An exception probably will be the Clinton School District, expected to have a "very high turnout"—Stottler guesses 60 to 70 percent—for a referendum asking to borrow $9.63 million for upgrades. A 40 percent to 50 percent turnout could happen in the town of Turtle, where voters will eliminate one of five candidates for the board, she said.

All polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, and voters can register to vote on Election Day by bringing a proof of residence to the poll, she said.

All voters in the state will have at least one race on the ballot—the state superintendent of public instruction. Tuesday's primary will narrow the field of five to two. The candidates are: Rose Fernandez, Todd Price, Van Mobley, Lowell Holtz and Tony Evers.

Voters in the following local municipalities will narrow the following races:

Rock County
Clinton School District: Voters on Tuesday will be asked if the district should borrow $9.63 million for upgrades, mostly at the elementary school.

Plans include improvements to the loading/unloading area for buses at the elementary school, expanding some hallways and classrooms and building separate gym and cafeteria space, replacing the elementary school's heating and air exchange systems, replacing the district's old boilers with a geothermal heating and cooling system, building a new access road, installing cameras at all three schools and installing doors capable of locking down at the middle and high schools.

Turtle Town Board: Five candidates are competing for two seats. Voters on Tuesday will narrow the field to four.

The candidates are: Tim Kopp, 8028 S. Butterfly Road, Beloit; Lester Oldenburg, 7529 S. Lathers Road, Beloit; Margaret Palubinski, 4270 E. Circlewood Drive, Beloit; Darrell Simonides, 10125 S. Turtle Town Hall Road, Beloit; and Tom Straub, 5589 E. Buss Road, Clinton.

Walworth County
Darien Village Board: Eight candidates are competing for three seats. Voters on Tuesday will narrow the field to six.

The candidates are Helen Burton, 310 N. Cavanaugh Court, Darien; Joel Gauer, 22 Washington St., Darien; Cindy Holmes, 30 E. Beloit St., Darien; Cheryl Kaufenberg, 209 W. Washington St., Darien; Allen Kenyon, 344 W. Beloit St., Darien; Craig McCue, 39 N. Walworth St., Darien; Debi Olmstead, 185 Andrea Court, Darien; and Phil Putman, 125 Jefferson St., Darien.

Town of Delavan chairman: Two candidates are competing for the one seat, even though three names will be on the ballot Tuesday. Voters on Tuesday will narrow the field to two.

The candidates are Dorothy Burwell, N4836 N. County O, Delavan; and Wayne Polzin, 7090 Del View Ave., Delavan. Supervisor Jim Wolfgram has withdrawn his bid for chair, but his name will be on the ballot.

Fontana School Board: Three candidates are competing for one seat. Voters on Tuesday will narrow the field to two.

The candidates are Leo Bourneuf, 569 Forest Glen Drive, Fontana; Dmitry Pasikhov, 1024 Tarrant Drive, Fontana; and Lis Price, 200 Abbey Springs Drive, Fontana.

Lake Geneva District 2 alderperson: Three candidates are competing for one seat. Voters on Tuesday will narrow the field to two.

The candidates are M.L. "Mac" McBride, 205 E. South St., Lakes Geneva; Ted F. Horne, 1122 Romin Road, Lake Geneva; and Mary Jo Fesenmaier, 633 Sue Ann Drive, Lake Geneva.

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