School board still mum on personnel issue

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Sunday, February 8, 2009
— The mystery of what’s happening behind closed doors as the Janesville School Board discusses a sensitive personnel issue continues.

The board met Saturday night, apparently for more than two hours, but the board president would not answer any questions afterward.

Board President DuWayne Severson again read a one-sentence statement, as he did after the board’s closed meeting Thursday night.

“The board continues to work through the personnel issue and hopes to resolve it by the end of the day Tuesday,” Severson said.

Both meetings have been unusual: They were held in the office of district legal counsel David Moore, and they did not include any member of the school district administration. Moore was the only other person in the room, aside from the nine board members.

The legally required meeting notices have suggested that the board is dealing with some kind of misconduct by a school district employee.

Thursday night’s meeting notice stated that the meeting was “to consider personal histories of specific persons and preliminary consideration of specific personnel problems and the investigation of charges against specific persons which, if discussed in public, would be likely to have a substantial adverse effect upon the reputation of a person involved in such problems and investigation.”

Saturday’s meeting notice stated that the board was going to discuss “employment and compensation data of a public employee” and that the board would “negotiate public business relating to a contract of employment …”

The meeting notice further stated that the board might come into open session Saturday and vote “to approve an agreement relating to employment of a public employee.”

Whether the board voted or not was unknown, as Severson would answer no questions.

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