Janesville gymnasts prevail

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Gazette Staff
Friday, February 6, 2009

Freshman Becky Schneider won three events and the all-around and the Janesville Craig gymnastics team posted a season-high score in a Big Eight Conference victory over Madison Memorial on Thursday night.

The Cougars, 5-1 in the Big Eight, swept to a 131.325-74.275 victory over the Spartans.

“We got off to kind of a goofy start on the bars, but it helped our score a lot that we stayed on the balance beam during our routines. We have been doing that a lot,” Craig coach Jean Welch said.

Schneider won the uneven bars (8.7), balance beam (9.0), floor exercise (8.875) and all-around (35.075). Teammate Sara Ennocenti, continuing her comeback from a broken arm, won the vault (8.625.

The Cougars will be back in action Monday when they host Madison West in a makeup event.

CRAIG 131.325, MEMORIAL 74.275

Vault—1. Sara Ennocenti (JC), 8.625; 2. (tie) Becky Schneider (JC), Lauren Moran (JC), Nicole Kass (JC), 8.5.

Uneven bars—1. Schneider (JC), 8.7; 2. Alyssa Hartung (MM), 7.85; 3. Kass (JC), 7.55; 4. Moran (JC), 7.3

Balance beam—1. Schneider (JC), 9.0; 2. Hartung (MM), 8.55; 3. Ennocenti (JC), 8.3; 4. Breanna Green (JC), 8.05.

Floor exercise—1. Schneider (JC), 8.875; 2. (tie) Green (JC) and Moran (JC), 8.35; 4. Hartung (MM), 8.075.

All-around—1. Schneider (JC), 35.075; 2. Hartung (MM), 32.375; 3. Moran (JC), 32.1; 4. Kass (JC), 31.575.

Junior varsity—Craig won.

Vikings roll to easy victory

n Parker 128.625, East/La Follette 94.5—Sophomore Erika Whitson won three events and the all-around as the Vikings (3-2) cruised to victory.

“We’re very consistent,” Parker coach Kathy Lehman said. “We’ve been hanging in at 128-, 129-point mark. We’re trying to get over that bubble to 130.”

Whitson picked up victories in the uneven bars (8.425), balance beam (8.9) and floor exercise (9.4) en route to a winning all-around total of 34.9.

Parker will host Madison West on Wednesday night.


Vault—1. Emily Mauermann (JP), 8.5; 2. Erika Whitson (JP), 8.35; 3. (tie) Emily Mueller (JP), Maddie Seichter (JP) and Nicole Richardson (JP), 8.25.

Uneven bars—1. Whitson (JP), 8.425; 2. Mauemann (JP), 8.175; 3. Richardson (JP), 7.3; 4. Meridith Little (JP), 7.1.

Balance beam—1. Whitson (JP), 8.9; 2. Mauermann (JP), 7.85; 3. Caroline Mitchell (JP), 6.75; 4. (tie) Kristin Zeilinger (JP) and Richardson (JP), 6.6.

Floor exercise—1. Whitson (JP), 9.4; 2. Mauermann (JP), 8.15; 3. Little (JP), 8.05; 4. Mueller (JP), 8.0.

All-around—1. Whitson (JP), 34.9; 2. Mauermann (JP), 32.3; 3. Richardson (JP), 31.5.

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