Union members rally in Beloit

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Beth Wheelock
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beloit school district employees rallied Tuesday to show support for district administrators.

More than 150 people lined the hallways leading to the school board's meeting room, cheering administrators and admonishing school board members as they walked to the special school board meeting. The school board has issued preliminary letters of non-renewal to every administrator in the district, after the administrators refused changes in contract language regarding seniority and lay-off procedures.

Tim Vedra, President of the Beloit Education Association, says the administrators aren't getting a fair contract settlement and the teachers union members are showing solidarity with the administrators.

John Erikson, President of the Beloit School Board, says the proposed changes are in part precipitated by the school district's budget deficit. He says funding from the state is also very uncertain. He says the school board is not committed to anything right now, other than working through the process.

Scroll down for an audio feature on the rally.

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