Janesville liquor license in limbo

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Steve Benton
Tuesday, February 3, 2009
— Jacquline Quaerna appeared before the Janesville Alcohol License Advisory Committee Tuesday. The committee sought an update on the status of a liquor license she holds for Quaerna's Tavern, which closed shortly before Labor Day.

Deputy Police Chief, Steve Kopp, says Jacquline's step son, Joe Quaerna, owns the building and wasn't happy with his step mother's handling of the business, so he evicted her. Jacquline isn't sure whether she will use the license, but tells the committee she won't turn it over to Joe.

Kopp says Joe Quaerna would like the license, but isn't expected to open a new business for six to eight months.

Committee chair, Mark Schroeder, says the committee is taking no formal action on the license at this time. He says license applications are normally filed between March and April, and after going through the review process, are granted effective July 1st. If the Quaerna's haven't made an effort to renew the license, it will be made available to another applicant.

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