Beloit School Board members face deep cuts in budget

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Steve Benton
Monday, February 2, 2009
— The Beloit School Board is facing some very serious problems as they get ready to work out next year's budget, including a $4 million budget shortfall.

Board member, John Winkelmann, says the board is trying to position itself to handle the cuts necessary to work out a balanced budget. The board last week delivered "non-renewal notices" to all administrators and changed wording in new contracts removing a seniority clause, which will make it easier to make the cuts. The unanimous response from administrators was to refuse to accept the changes.

Winkelmann, who was out of town last week, was not surprised with the response. He says the board is also reaching out to the public in a survey to find out what their priorities are. He says with a deficit like that, everything is on the table.

The board is scheduled to meet Tuesday night in special session to continue budget discussions and consider other matters.

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