Favre, Childress say everything is good

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Thursday, December 24, 2009
— Vikings quarterback Brett Favre said he and coach Brad Childress resolved their differences by talking on Monday, a day after Childress attempted to remove Favre during the third quarter of Minnesota's loss at Carolina.

The two also had another conversation Wednesday, and it appears Favre realizes that he needs to get running back Adrian Peterson more involved in this offense.

Favre reportedly wasn't pleased with the freedom he was getting to run the Vikings offense, and Childress wasn't happy that Favre was changing plays so frequently.

"(The issues) were resolved just by sitting down and talking about it as we should have done and ultimately did do," Favre said Wednesday during a mid-week news conference in which he fielded numerous questions on the topic of his relationship with Childress. "But really the differences … it's gotten blown way out of proportion."

Favre said he was not aware that Childress had thought about taking him out of both victories over the Packers and one against the Lions this season—Childress denied he had ever "ordered" Favre out of a game previously—but acknowledged he was aware of talk about the freedom he was or wasn't being given.

"A lot has been made of freedom to do this. How much of a luxury do you have at the line of scrimmage to change this or change that?" Favre said.

"I think the communication has been fine. I think there are times I see things that maybe I feel like we could get to or a change that maybe at the line of scrimmage I could get to.

"As I've told (offensive coordinator) Darrell (Bevell) and I've told Brad—and anyone who has ever played the game—we all think we know it all at some point. I know that's not the case.

"I know our offense starts with Adrian Peterson, and that's where it ends."

, and we have to get that back on track." … And we're working towards it."

"I'm not going up there and saying, 'Hey, you have to give me more freedom,' because we've been good this year. We've sputtered the last couple of weeks but it can be fixed. I don't think anything major has to happen other than we have to play better. It's as simple as that and it's a basic fundamentals. It's not about changing plays all the time.

"The thing with Adrian Peterson is there's not really a bad run even when there's an extra guy in the box. That's one of the things that I have to keep in mind throughout this and coming in here this year that's one thing that as I went back and watched film of this team in the past. Too many in the box and (Peterson) still gets 50 yards. That's not to say there's not a better play there sometimes. So it's kind of that line of keep handing it to him even though they have too many in the box and that's what we're trying to get to. We're trying to get to that happy medium."

Childress said the discussion with Favre on Monday lasted for a half-hour. Favre called it a "fairly brief" talk.

"Brad and my discussion on Monday was more, 'Put it behind us. Let's move forward and get ready for Chicago,' " Favre said. "It's obviously been tough to win games here recently when our focus is on our opponent. (The Vikings have lost two of the past three.) I don't know, sometimes distraction may be a good thing. I don't know. Who is to say?"

Said Childress: "There's no question Brett is a good player. I had a good talk (with Favre) before our team meeting at 3 o'clock and then visited with him a little bit here this morning before our blitz meeting and our regular team meeting. But … I'm just going to tell you that things go on during the course of a football game at all positions and that's behind us. We're kind of forward looking here at the Chicago Bears."

Favre, who refused to come out Sunday night with the Vikings leading 7-6 in the third quarter, said he has always considered himself to be coachable.

"I know as I've gotten older and have become older than most of my coaches that seems a little odd," he said. "But I think the time that coaches put in in preparation says a lot. As I think experience and playing a long time also speaks volumes. Where you meet in that, everyone is different. I have no idea how much freedom other quarterbacks have. None, whatsoever. Some look like they have more freedom than others. I don't know.

"I think we have a good thing going here. I think it can be a lot better. At 11-3, which is a good position, we can be much better. I can play better, I can make better decisions. As coaches you can always make better decisions. Just in general we can get better. I have no problems with that and I think this year probably more so than any other time in my career I've tried to play it exactly the way we want to play it. It's been pretty good."

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