Large scale evictions successful in Beloit

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Steve Benton
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
— A two day effort to remove tenants from dangerous living conditions in some Beloit apartment buildings is complete.

Director of Housing in Beloit, Tom Clippert, says the city and several social service agencies were involved with the operation that began Monday at ten Countryside Village Apartment buildings. Clippert says problems in the buildings include mold, lack of heat, and high levels of carbon monoxide due to a large number of space heaters being used.

A temporary shelter was set up at Central Christian church but Assistant City Manager, Steve Gregg says it wasn't used. He says they were able to place all of the displaced tenants at the homes of relatives.

Clippert says he will be monitoring any attempts to repair the apartments and trying to communicate with the absentee owner. He says if the buildings continue to deteriorate, he has the power to condemn the structures.

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