Women inmates face new drug charges

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Pedro Oliveira Jr.
Thursday, December 17, 2009
— A former elementary school teacher sentenced to six months in jail faces new drug charges for snorting heroin in a Walworth County Jail bathroom.

Katie M. Luessenhop, 27, formerly of Lake Geneva, was sentenced in June to six months in jail and three years probation on two counts of felony possession of heroin and one count of felony bail jumping.

At the time, Luessenhop apologized to the Walworth Elementary School community and said she was hoping and praying for another chance in the community. She was to be released at the end of this month.

Luessenhop is now charged with possession of narcotics after a random drug test came back positive for morphine, a metabolite of Heroin, according to the criminal complaint.

She admitted to snorting a line of heroin in a female Huber dorm bathroom at the Walworth County Jail, according to the complaint. The drug was purchased from another inmate who also had work release privileges, according to the complaint.

Charged with delivering the drug is 24-year-old Amber L. Drummond, formerly of Lake Geneva. She was jailed in April after officers caught her with 70 bindles containing about 7 grams of heroin in a Lake Geneva apartment.

Drummond admitted to picking up three capsules of heroin, using two—one at the jail—and giving one to Luessenhop, according to the complaint. She had a release date of April 23.

Luessenhop faces 72 years in prison and $10,000 in fines for possessing heroin as a repeat offender. Drummond faces 162 years for delivering the drug as a repeat offender. Their work release privileges also are suspended.

Jail Administrator Mike Schmitz said inmates in the Huber dorms are searched every time they return to jail. They are required to remove their clothes and jail staff perform a visual search, he said.

“Inmates just try to find different ways of getting stuff past us, and sometimes they succeed,” he said.

Luessenhop is expected to appear in court today.

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