Janesville schools expel fourth student

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Gazette Staff
Friday, December 11, 2009
— The Janesville School Board on Tuesday expelled a high school student who was accused of possession of a prescription drug, a Vicodin pill, with intent to deliver, on school grounds.

The student is expelled through the end of summer school 2010 but may apply for early readmission, starting with second semester in January 2010.

To apply for early readmission, the student must be assessed for drugs and alcohol and comply with any treatment recommendation, complete a drug/alcohol education course and attend the Truancy Abatement and Transitional Education program if an opening exists.

Upon returning early, the student must comply with a number of restrictions and unannounced drug screens.

This brings to four the number of students expelled this school year, compared with 15 at this time last year.

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